Blanchard picks up first offer

West Orange-Stark LB/S Travon Blanchard received an offer from Baylor over the weekend, his top school. But with all the interest he's received as of late, other schools are in the mix.

Over the weekend, Travon Blanchard received an offer from Baylor, his No. 1 school.

Blanchard, who grew up a University of Miami fan, said he always liked Baylor, but it wasn't until the Bears started recruiting him more that his interest grew.

"I was invited to Baylor's Junior Day and loved it," Blanchard said. "The coaches are interested in me, the campus was nice, Baylor had a very good season, their quarterback won the Heisman…I really like Baylor. They would be the leader right now."

Other schools have shown interest in the 6-foot-2, 180-pound linebacker/safety as well, including LSU, Texas Tech, Kansas State, Nebraska, SMU, TCU, Notre Dame, UCLA and Alabama, according to Blanchard.

He said that SMU has sent him quite a few letters, but no coach has reached out yet.

"I get letters from them but it's more about how their season went, more about their games," Blanchard said. "But one letter did say that they recognized me as a top 2013 prospect, but that was pretty much it."

Blanchard, who goes to West Orange-Stark High School (Orange), says the number one thing he's looking for in a school is the academic opportunity he'd have there.

"Football is only temporary, it won't last forever, so I want to get an education," he said. "The second thing would be early playing time and the third, I want to win a national championship."

Blanchard says he's known what he's wanted to major in ever since middle school.

"I want to be a paleontologist if football doesn't work out," he said. "I read a dinosaur book [in fifth or sixth grade] and thought it was cool. My mom always taught me to have a backup plan in case football doesn't work out."

Blanchard plays what's called the "rover" position, which is basically a linebacker/safety hybrid. He says the fact that he can run a 4.43 forty and has good footwork and play recognition helps him succeed in that spot.

"Sometimes I line up with the linebackers, sometimes I'm on the line of scrimmage and sometimes I'm dropping back into coverage," he said. "If a college has that rover position, that would be perfect."

Blanchard says he talks to someone from Baylor every day or every other day. He's being recruited by cornerbacks coach, Carlton Buckles.

He said he saw Robert Griffin III from afar on his Junior Day visit, but unfortunately didn't get to talk to him.

"He was passing the ball around getting ready for his pro day," Blanchard said. "I didn't get to shake his hand, but he gave me a ‘what's up' nod."

Despite the Baylor offer, Blanchard has not committed yet. He said he'd like to give a school his verbal commitment before August, though.

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