Meltdown Mode

By the (dreadful) Numbers: SMU caused its own misery (by shooting 17.4 percent from the field, among other things) in a 47-28 conference loss to UAB Wednesday. The Mustangs' 28 total points is a C-USA record low.

28: The amount of points SMU scored…in the game. A Conference USA record low, but not an all-time school low as the Mustangs scored just 26 against TCU in 1956, which was in the pre-shot clock and three-point line era.

12: Number of points the Mustangs had at halftime, which tied a C-USA record low.

29: The number of points UAB's K.C. Whitaker and Cameron Moore combined to out-score SMU 29-28.

9: The number of points SMU's leading scorer Robert Nyakundi had.

48: The number of shots SMU attempted from the field.

8: The number of shots SMU made from the field.

29: The number of three-pointers SMU attempted.

3: The number of three-pointers SMU made.

34.1: The percentage UAB needed to shoot from the floor to win the game.

10: Number of steals SMU had compared to UAB's three. (Take the bright spots where you can.)

7: Current consecutive number of C-USA games SMU has lost.

2: Number of C-USA wins the Mustangs have.

3: Number of assists SMU had. The Blazers had 13.

46: Number of rebounds UAB had. The Mustangs had 27.

1: Number of years left on Matt Doherty's current contract. He makes roughly $500,000 annually.

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