Williams holds several offers

Skyline junior linebacker Isaiah Williams has peaked the interest of SMU, Kansas State and Colorado. Right now he says the Wildcats are his leader, but it's still so early in the process. He plans on attending junior days for K-State and SMU next month.

Isaiah Williams received his first offer—from SMU—last spring. Since then, things have been sort of quiet on the recruiting front, but as of last week, Williams has added two more schools to the mix in Kansas State and Colorado.

"Kansas State offered me last Thursday and I just received one from Colorado on Monday," said Williams, a junior linebacker out of Skyline (Dallas).

He plans to attend K-State's Junior Day on March 3 and SMU's on March 24.

As of right now, Williams has the Wildcats at the top of his list.

"They've shown me so much love and interest through my sophomore and junior years," he said. "It really seems like they really like me and want me up there."

As far as the Mustangs go, Williams was recruited by Adrian Klemm and has not heard from them since he left for UCLA in December.

But that doesn't mean he's any less interested in the program.

"[SMU's] academics are really good and that's what I'm looking for when making a decision," Williams said. "And the coaches…even though I've only talked to Klemm, he really liked me and was really engaging."

Williams has talked to childhood friend and SMU linebacker Stephon Sanders a lot about the Mustangs and is confident that he'd be in good hands should he decide to commit.

"He'd lead me in the right direction," Williams said. "We played pee-wee ball together. And he made a college decision like I'm going to—academics were the best bet for him. We're not just thinking football, football, football. We're thinking bigger picture and life after football."

He may only be a junior in high school, but Williams already knows what he wants to major in.

"Criminal justice," he said. "I want to be a homicide detective. I'm really into those Law and Order shows and Criminal Minds."

Williams, who stands at 6-foot-1, 223 lbs., prefers to play inside linebacker but says his greatest strength is in his versatility.

"I can read my keys, I'm a really good downhill runner, I trigger real fast, fill in the gaps, tackle well and I can cover real well," he said. "And I can be switched from inside to outside linebacker if we need to and be switched to defensive end if we switch to a certain package. Being an athlete is [my strength]."

Williams used to play basketball for Skyline, too, but with his football recruitment picking up and things getting more serious, he decided to focus on one sport this offseason.

"I started basketball but let it go to concentrate on football," he said. "I felt like I didn't need to be playing a sport that I'm not being highly recruited in. I didn't feel like I was wasting my time, but I felt I could be doing better lifting weights and getting stronger and faster."

On the weekends, Williams lifts with Skyline teammate and longtime friend Rashaad Samples, who also holds an offer from SMU, among myriad others.

He said the two sometimes talk about what it would be like to play ball in college together, and they also discuss playing against one another.

"We talk about who's team would beat who," Williams said, laughing. "It's always competitive talk with us."

Williams also noted that playing for an up-and-coming program is appealing, saying if he had to choose between playing for a school on the rise compared to one already on the national stage, he'd choose the former.

"When you're already national, you can get knocked down like that," he said. "Uprising teams have a chance to be that. But don't get me wrong, I would love to be a part of a ‘national' team. There's all the opportunity in the world for that, but just being me, I like to be different."

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