Beachum ready for NFL Combine

Kelvin Beachum has been in Indianapolis preparing for the NFL Combine ever since winning the Compass Bowl in January. With combine workouts starting this week, here's an update from the Mustangs' left tackle, who's been simultaneously working toward getting his Masters degree...

The grind didn't stop for Kelvin Beachum after SMU beat Pitt 28-6 in the Compass Bowl on Jan. 7.

The game was a Saturday and Beachum flew to Indianapolis, Ind. that Sunday to start preparing for the NFL Combine.

The 2012 NFL Combine started this week and the 6-foot-2, 303-pound left tackle is ready. He's been working out with St. Vincent's Performance with about 15 other draft hopefuls that he had never met until arriving in Indy.

His days have looked like this for the last month-and-a-half:

6:30 a.m.—Wake up and eat breakfast downstairs of the hotel he's been calling home, the Embassy Suites.

8-10 a.m.—Report to facility and work on running drills like the 40-yard dash, 3-cone drill and shuttle.

10-11 a.m.—Work on football specific things that relate to your position that you'll be asked to do at the Combine. Former Balitmore Colts center Ray Donaldson has been coaching Beachum during this session.

11:15 a.m.—Nutrition and rehab sessions.

12 p.m.—Lunch

1:30 p.m.—Warm up for weight room workout.

2-4 p.m.—Lift. For Beachum, this is mainly catered to training for the 225-pound bench press. But when he's resting his upper body, he'll work on the lower, which includes explosive drills like the broad jump.

4:15-6 p.m.—Nutrition and rehab session No. 2.

6 p.m.—Dinner, then free for the rest of the night.

"But for me, my night doesn't end," Beachum said. "That's when I start my homework. I'm trying to finish up this graduate school work."

Beachum, who is working on getting his masters degree in Organization of Dynamics, said he doesn't put the books down until about 9:30 or 10. Then he calls it a night.

"And then I do it all again the next day," he said.

In addition to his workouts, Beachum is taking nine hours of masters coursework (three classes). Sometimes he has to be online and listen to his professors and participate via Skype.

But he doesn't mind this constant balancing act because the payoff is his goal.

"If you really want to do something in life, you'll find a way to get it done," he said. "People talk about leaving college without a degree and having to go back and get it and I want to get it done now."

Looking down the road, say a post-NFL career, Beachum, who has been known to say he'd like to be a state senator, says he wants to become an athletics director or the superintendent of a school district, maybe in Dallas or in his native Mexia, Texas.

"I have different options, but I want to be able to mentor athletes from a position of authority," he said.

But Beachum, who has a fun-loving personality, said he's not stuck in the books all night every night.

"They've given us courtside seats to Indiana Pacers games and Butler games…we get tickets all the time," he said. "I'm here to train first and foremost and take care of my academics, but I also want to enjoy the process of where I'm at right now."

Through this process, Beachum said that SMU head coach June Jones and his former offensive line coach Adrian Klemm (now at UCLA) have given him the best advice.

"They gave me the same message: ‘Continue to work hard, continue to be a sponge and soak up all the knowledge that you can and just enjoy this process and this period in life because it's a period you can't go back to. It's a one-time thing. Enjoy it for what it is,'" Beachum said.

The coaches also told him: "Don't get caught up in where you're drafted because once you make a team, I know you'll do well. Enjoy the process. Just get a foot in the door and once you do, you'll find a way to stay in. Do the little things right and you'll stay around for a long time."

Beachum talks to Jones, Klemm, SMU strength coach Mel deLaura and a handful of former teammates every week.

Beachum said that Klemm is like his older brother and mentor. Although sad when Klemm left the Mustangs, Beachum didn't hold any grudges.

"When you do a job correctly and do it at a high level, what can you really expect?" Beachum said. "We all understood he has a family and kids to feed. He has to do what's best for him and his family and I understood that. We stay in contact and I talk to him pretty much every other day."

Though he doesn't have an inkling of which team he'll hopefully end up playing for next year, Beachum did say that he's grown up a Packers and Steelers fan.

"I always picked those two teams when I played Madden," he joked. "But I really love their tradition. I love what they do with their organizations. They're very stable and have been doing things the right way for a very long time and you can see that with the super bowl rings they have to their name."

As far as which team he'd like to play for, Beachum said: "To pick one would be wrong because any team willing to pay me, I'd be very happy to play for."

Beachum has enjoyed his time training in Indianapolis and feels that although he's not exactly in the real world yet, he's learned a lot and the process has been invaluable.

"In high school your parents are your safety net and in college, your coaches are," he said. "Here I'm on my own and pretty much learning what it's like to take care of myself for my future."

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