2014 Spotlight: Case Brabham

Brabham, a sophomore quarterback a St. Marks School of Texas (Dallas), has received letters from myriad schools and plans to take unofficial visits and attend camps almost every weekend this summer.

It's early in the process, but sophomore Case Brabham has his mind right.

The 2014 quarterback prospect out of St. Marks School of Texas (Dallas) already knows he wants to play football in college and major in pre-med. Luckily for Brabham, he has two years to find his perfect match.

Universities can only send sophomores information about their school and campuses, but kids are allowed to take unofficial visits and attend summer camps. Official visits are not allowed until a player's senior year.

Brabham has received over 30 letters from different schools, has already taken a handful of unofficial visits and plans to hit a quarterbacks camp almost every weekend this summer.

So far, the 6-foot-3, 210-pound Brabham has made numerous unofficial visits to schools like SMU, TCU, Harvard, Yale and Stanford, among others. In March he plans to take in a few more to Duke, Richmond, Virginia, Wake Forest and Rice. Then this summer, Brabham will hit myriad camps including, but not limited to, Stanford, Rice, SMU, Duke, Yale and Harvard.

Both of Brabham's parents went to SMU (his father, Cary, played football there and also played in the NFL for the LA Raiders and Carolina Panthers), so he's grown up a Mustang fan.

A couple weeks ago, Brabham took an unofficial to SMU and met with quarterbacks coach Dan Morrison.

"We met in his office and he gave me six things he likes to look for in a quarterback," Brabham said. "We talked about my highlight film from a 7-on-7 tournament. He likes my size and that I can throw on the run. Then he gave us a tour of the facilities."

Brabham said he's always had an interest in going to SMU purely because he's grown up a fan, but now he's learned there are other things he likes about the school as well.

"Moving to the Big East was big, but really the other thing about SMU is the impression coach Morrison made," Brabham said. "That was a big thing. I want to play for someone who I enjoy playing under and that I like. He made a great impression."

Brabham is also a June Jones fan and likes the way he's helping turn the program around.

He also mentioned that St. Marks runs the same type of offense as the Mustangs, so he knows he'd fit in fast under Jones.

"We run the spread and Run and Shoot and that's something I've always liked and liked running," Brabham said.

Another school Brabham has been eyeing is Stanford.

"That's always been one of my dream schools," he said. "When I got a letter from them and went to visit, that was a big moment."

Out of all the campuses Brabham has seen thus far, he's been most impressed with Stanford, Harvard and Yale.

"They have the prettiest campuses and facilities," he said.

Brabham made the varsity team his freshman year at St. Marks, becoming the first to do so since Ty Montgomery three years prior. And before Montgomery, none had made varsity since Sam and Emmanuel Acho.

Brabham played one year with Montgomery before the wide receiver headed to Stanford. The two are friends and Montgomery served as a mentor to Brabham while he was still in high school going through the recruiting process.

"He helped me out and got me adjusted," Brabham said.

When ultimately choosing a school, academics are No. 1 on Brabham's checklist.

"I always put emphasis on academics first because football has to end somewhere," he said. "Education will help you after that. Long-term I want to go into medicine and be a doctor. I want to [go to a school] where I can play football, but thrive academically, too."

Over the next two years, Brabham's main goal is for St. Marks to win the Southwest Preparatory Conference Championship, but he's also set a few personal milestones he'd like to achieve.

"I want to pass for 3,000 yards, I want to have over a 60 percent completion percentage and have over 25 touchdowns," he said. "But the main thing is winning."

Brabham, who says his strengths on the field are his mental toughness, reading coverages and always knowing what to do and where to go with the football (which he attributes to studying film on a regular basis), is also a baseball player, so that's where his focus is this spring.

But he still throws the football on the weekends, constantly keeping his ultimate goal in check.

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