Henyon talks Elite 11 camp

Trinity Valley (Fort Worth) quarterback Austin Henyon had the privilege of participating in this weekend's Elite 11 regional camp at Cowboys Stadium. He picked up tips from Trent Dilfer and Tony Romo, and says he can't wait to bring all that knowledge back to his team and get to work with his receivers...

Austin Henyon will take everything he learned at this weekend's Elite 11 regional camp at Cowboys Stadium back to Trinity Valley (Fort Worth) and impart his newfound wisdom on his high school teammates.

Henyon found Saturday's clinic quite beneficial, as he absorbed all tips and tidbits from Trent Dilfer, Tony Romo, George Whitfiled Jr. (coached Cam Newton and Andrew Luck) and the like.

Saturday's camp began in the morning with the Nike Sparq Combine. Then around 2:30 p.m., all Elite 11 quarterbacks checked in for the afternoon's events. Henyon said there were about six groups of 12 players each and they rotated through stations focused on footwork, different snaps, throws and hitting targets in multiple spots.

"It was definitely helpful," the 6-foot-1, 190-pound Henyon said. "It helps just refine my footwork and throwing motion. We were running and learning new drills I've never done before and now I can take all that back to my high school and help our receivers become better."

Henyon said the quarterbacks were evaluated on how they managed taking snaps in the shotgun and under center, and then hitting receivers on different types of routes.

His favorite station was the one run by Whitfield Jr. Quarterbacks took snaps under center and had to throw over a linebacker or defensive back's head and drop it in the back of the end zone to a receiver running across and hit him in stride. Then they had to do it again, but from shotgun.

"I made all of my throws," he said.

Henyon enjoyed his time spent being coached by Dilfer. He said he watched the Elite 11 show last summer and loved how "animated" he gets.

"He was very fired up to be there," Henyon said of the former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst. "He loves what he does and it was great being able to feed off that energy."

Henyon also got to pick Romo's brain for a bit during one of the sessions.

"He was explaining how to stay in balance when moving around in the pocket and he helped me with shortening up my stride a little bit when moving around the pocket," Henyon said. "It was really cool to have him teach me."

Overall, Henyon felt good about his performance and will continue to work on and improve his skills based on what he gained from the camp.

"The coaches told me I did very well," he said. "One said I had a strong arm and a good, quick release, so I thought I fared well."

Up next for Henyon is Tulsa Junior Day on April 7, then he'll hit Baylor's spring game on April 14.

Then in early May, Trinity Valley will begin their spring season and Henyon expects coaches from TCU, Texas Tech, Utah State and Texas State to pop in and hopefully extend an offer.

Henyon doesn't currently hold any offers, but has received a lot of interest form the aforementioned schools, plus Yale, Iowa State, Kansas State and Auburn.

SMU had been in the mix in the early goings, but Henyon said he hasn't heard from the Mustangs at all as of late.

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