Baxter enjoys SMU Junior Day

Lakeview Centennial wide receiver Jarvis Baxter visited SMU and competed in the Nike Football Training Camp over the weekend. Though he has yet to snag his first offer, Baxter is confident he'll receive some once spring ball starts...

Jarvis Baxter already knew he liked SMU before taking in the program's junior day Saturday.

He had attended a football game last fall and saw the facilities and toured the campus, so the information he gathered over the weekend wasn't anything new.

Though he was caught up in the knowledge department, Baxter enjoyed his second visit on the Hilltop.

"It was pretty cool, I really like SMU," he said. "If it comes down to the end, if I had a college that fits me the most, SMU would probably be a place I would go."

Baxter said that he met the coaching staff in the fall, but obviously not Jason Phillips, as he was still at Houston.

"I really like coach Phillips," Baxter said of his possible future position coach. "He's a really fun guy to be around and I could see myself playing for him."

Baxter said he got to have some one-on-one time with Phillips and ask him questions like how many scholarship offers he plans on extending to receivers.

"He was saying it didn't matter how tall you were or how little you are, can you make plays, can you make plays in the end zone?" Baxter said. "And I was pointing at myself saying, ‘Yeah I can do that, I can do that.'"

After SMU junior day, Baxter's weekend of football wasn't over. Sunday he attended the Nike Football Training Camp at the Dallas Cowboys practice facilities. Athletes in attendance competed in combine-like events such as cone drills, one-on-one's, etc.

Baxter's favorite was the catching drills, of course.

"We were constantly competing with the next person in line," he said. "It was pretty fun. I enjoyed myself."

Aside from the competition, Baxter said the best part of Sunday's clinic was meeting NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson, who was there to watch his son Corey, a wide receiver prospect out of San Antonio.

"His son was doing an interview so I went up to him and stuck my hand out to give him a handshake and his hand literally covered up my whole hand," Baxter said. "It felt like he was shaking his own hand…I couldn't believe I was standing next to David Robinson. He was [as tall as] a tree."

So what's next for Baxter? Lakeview Centennial's spring season kicks off at the end of April and Baxter hopes to receive some offers, hopefully from SMU, at that time.

Between now and then, he'll visit Houston this Saturday, March 31, Tulsa on April 7 and Illinois for their spring game on April 14.

Then this summer, Baxter, who's originally from Virginia, will go to camps at UVA, North Carolina and Virginia Tech.

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