SMU showing Skyline LB love

Isaiah Williams holds three offers, but says the Mustangs have been giving him the most attention as of late. The linebacker out of Skyline has been on SMU's campus numerous times and knows he'd feel at home there if he decided to eventually commit.

With SMU less than 15 minutes away from Skyline High school, it's easy for Isaiah Williams to drop in on the Mustangs whenever he feels like it.

He's been on campus numerous times, attended a few games in the fall and most recently attended junior day, where he got to meet the whole coaching staff.

Williams, a linebacker out of Skyline (Dallas), received an offer from SMU as a sophomore last May by Adrian Klemm. But since the coach's departure, Tom Mason has picked up the recruiting duties.

"He's told me I could play outside linebacker and defensive end and how they're doing their 3-4 scheme this year and how it would work in the Big East and packages they'd run," Williams said of his conversations with the defensive coordinator. "He made it seem once I get there I could possibly get playing time, but then again, I hope he makes me work for it."

Mason will, just like he made Williams' childhood friend and current SMU linebacker Stephon Sanders work for his last year as a true freshman.

"Coach Mason was telling me how [Sanders] has just blown up and is at a really nice size right now," Williams said. Sanders is about 6-foot-3, 240 lbs. and earned starting duties toward the end of last season after impressing the coaching staff with his talent, knowledge of the game and work ethic.

Williams, who stands at 6-foot-1, 239, wants to slim down to about 225 lbs. and has been working out in the weight room to put on lean muscle in the offseason.

As far as where SMU stands on Williams' list, the linebacker hinted that it may be a smidge above his other two offers from Colorado and Kansas State. He's also been receiving interest from UCF, New Mexico and Texas A&M recently.

"With only three offers, there's kind of a mix," Williams said, referring to the order of his favorite schools. "But [SMU] has shown me the most love. That's the thing—they keep showing me love throughout this recruiting process, they're on me really heavily. Other schools have kind of faded away, but I still have the offers.

"It's good that SMU is showing me this early love. I always keep them in mind because I live right down the street from SMU so it's close to home, I'm already good with the coaching staff and I've played there many times in high school so it feels like home."

For Williams to ultimately commit to a school, the place must be a home away from home. That is No. 1 on his checklist.

But Williams doesn't plan to commit anywhere just yet. He wants to go on more visits and take the recruitment process slow and enjoy it.

"I want to make this fun because it only comes once in a lifetime," he said. "I might as well live it up to the fullest. I want to see what everything is like."

Moving forward, Skyline's spring practice begins at the end of April and goes for about a month, so Williams is preparing for that at the moment. He feels that once spring is over, a couple more offers may roll in.

"I'm just ready to get spring going and see what kind of things happen after that and who else is going to be interested [in me]," he said.

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