No top 5 yet for Samples

Four-star wide receiver Ra'Shaad Samples (Dallas Skyline) has 30 scholarship offers but no idea where he wants to commit yet. He said this summer one of his main goals will be narrowing down his list. Could SMU be on it? He has an interesting connection to the program after all...

Ra'Shaad Samples has racked up 30 offers.


The four-star wide receiver out of Dallas Skyline has caught the eye of schools like Arizona State, Baylor, Texas, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Ohio State, TCU, SMU and of course, many more.

But Samples does not have a leader yet. He doesn't even have a Top 5. Which means every school is still in the mix.

Samples has quite the SMU connection as his brother-in-law happens to be Aldrick Robinson, a former Mustangs standout and current Washington Redskin, so he knows a lot about the university and football program.

"SMU was my second or third offer during my sophomore year," Samples said. "I know coach June Jones because of my brother-in-law, so I know all about SMU."

Samples said when Robinson was still in school, he and his family would go watch him play. Now that he's going through the recruiting process, Robinson has been telling him a bit about his alma mater.

"He tells me I'll catch a lot of balls and I'll like it. He tells me I'll like the campus and the girls around it," Samples said, laughing.

He's also friends with Ryan Walker, Cole Beasley, Ja'Gared Davis and Chayse Joubert, so he's got a nice little SMU community going for him.

But, still, Samples has no leader. In fact, he recently hurt his ankle at the Nike Football Training Camp a couple weeks ago at Cowboys Stadium, so recruiting has taken a backseat to rehab.

"I fell on it wrong," he said of the injury. "I'll be out about four or five more weeks."

Adrian Klemm was the coach who originally offered Samples a scholarship, but since his departure for UCLA, Tom Mason and Jason Phillips have taken over.

"We talk all the time," Samples said of the two coaches. "[Phillips] came to my school I think the first week he got the [SMU] job. He introduced himself and said I was a guy he'd like to get up there and that I would catch a lot of balls."

Samples is Phillips' type of wide receiver—undersized and quick.

Samples stands at 5-foot-11, 170 lbs., but says that because of all the medicine he's been on with his ankle, he's lost some weight. Once he's better, his goal will be trying to get back up to about 180 lbs. or more, which is about what he weighed pre-injury.

Sophomore year, Samples said he was about 5-foot-9, but went through a growth spurt over the next year.

"I was a pipsqueak," he said, laughing. "Back then coaches used to always say, ‘He's so good, but he's so small.' Now I rarely hear anything about size. I don't think it's a big issue."

Plus, with Samples type of explosion and speed in and out of breaks and on routes, the size is minutiae.

Samples has been on quite a few visits and said he may take an official to SMU in the fall.

"It would be something I'd think about," he said. "I know they'll be around this spring just because [SMU] is down the street [from Skyline]. The more I talk to coaches and the more I get to know them, I'll see how high they are on my list."

So could SMU potentially be a program Samples could see himself playing for?

"It would be something I'd be interested in," he said. "June Jones is a real good coach…I'd definitely be interested."

Once the ankle heals, Samples plans to work hard this summer to get back into the kind of shape he was in before the injury.

"I think my game was starting to peak right before I got hurt," he said. "So I want to get back to where my game was."

He said this summer will also be a crucial time in narrowing down his list of schools to at least a Top 5. He said just time, attending team's spring practices and games will help him cut it down.

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