Flowers on SMU: "No place I'd rather be"

Darion Flowers, a wide receiver out of John Tyler, wants an offer from SMU and believes the Hilltop would be a great fit for him both athletically and academically.

Darion Flowers wants an offer from SMU.

The 6-foot, 185-pound wide receiver out of John Tyler has visited the Hilltop numerous times and has really taking a liking to the university.

"Oh definitely," said Flowers when asked if he could see himself at SMU. "It's a great location near downtown Dallas, there's no place I'd rather be. It's an hour and 20 minutes away from home. It's just a great environment to be in, I mean, everybody is nice—the people are nice, the players are nice, the coaches are nice—everybody is nice. It's just a great place to be."

Flowers' most recent visit to campus was for the final spring practice of the semester last month. There he was able to talk to his recruiter, defensive line coach Bert Hill, receivers coach Jason Phillips, head coach June Jones and strength and conditioning coach Mel deLaura.

"Coach Phillips was telling me he was going to come by the school and watch us practice and keep in touch," Flowers said. "Then I talked to the strength and conditioning coach and he was telling me he does a good job of putting weight on his players."

Flowers said he'd like to put on about 10 lbs. before college.

After watching practice, Flowers said he enjoyed seeing how the program runs on a daily basis.

"The most important thing I saw was how the receivers fought, and the DBs, and how the coaches were coaching them," he said.

Another thing about SMU that's appealing to Flowers is the fact that the program is on the rise and heading to the Big East.

"I like the fact that they're on the come-up because they're looking for young players that can play and can win, so that's really good for me," he said.

When discussing the Big East, Flowers mentioned that SMU heading to a BCS conference definitely makes the school more appealing to recruits.

"Going to a better conference and being able to compete for better bowl games, its just a good aspect of getting yourself known," he said. "Being able to come together as a team and beat better teams will help bring the school up."

Though he doesn't hold any offers yet, Flowers has been in contact with Memphis, North Texas, UTSA and Rice. He mentioned that in addition to SMU, Louisiana Tech and Air Force have come by John Tyler's spring practice.

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