LaRue's take on Gaines

Red Oak QB Ronnie LaRue breaks down what makes Jeremiah Gaines so special and why he would be a good fit at SMU

There is arguable nothing more special on the football field than the bond between a quarterback and his security blanket tight end.

Red Oak's pass-catching duo of Ronnie LaRue and Jeremiah Gaines exemplifies that, and the pair could end up reconnecting at SMU. Both prospects are interested in staying close to home and have frequently discussed playing on the Hilltop together.

"We talk about playing with each other a lot," said LaRue, who is a year younger than Gaines. "We both feel like SMU is a good place for both for of us, and we can really do something there."

Gaines will be visiting SMU on Monday, and LarRue believes his teammate could make an immediate impact if he were to sign with the Mustangs in February.

"He's an awesome football player with tremendous talent. He's the hardest worker on the team. He's always putting in extra work," LaRue said. "He's so athletic and just bigger, stronger and faster than everyone else. He'll be ready to play right away."

Although SMU hardly incorporates a tight end into its offense, LaRue believes Gaines is a ‘freak' and can play anywhere he's needed.

"I think he's going to be as good as he wants to be at any position he plays because he's a smart player," LaRue said. "I really think he has the heart to just be a great football player."

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