Gaines gives insight on SMU visit

Red Oak (TX) tight end Jeremiah Gaines visited SMU on Monday and left the Hilltop in high spirits

Jeremiah Gaines visited SMU on Monday to gain clarity on what his role would be if he were to join the Mustangs as part of the Class of 2013. After an hour and a half, he left with assurance; he certainly got what he had come for.

"The main thing that I really wanted to hear was that I was going to play on offense. That's pretty much the main thing I was looking for," Gaines said. "And they certainly showed me that."

Gaines, who has played both tight end and linebacker in his time at Red Oak, has been looking to play on the offensive side of the ball in college and wanted to make sure that SMU had the same thing in mind.

Gaines was welcomed by head coach June Jones as well as defensive line coach Bert Hill and said that they all sat down and watched film together so that he could better understand what his role would be.

"I learned that pretty much it would be kind of like what I do hear at Red Oak," Gaines said. "It depends on what formation because they said I can be anywhere; I can be out wide, I can be in a two tight end set, or I can be in the slot so it pretty much just depends on wherever they need me at on a certain play."

Gaines was extremely excited when Jones guaranteed he would be incorporated into the Run N' Shoot.

"I love playing offense," Gaines said.

Gaines said he arrived on to campus around 9:15 a.m. and stayed around until about a quarter to 11. Gaines was accompanied by his family and mentor.

"My dad and brother came, my mom didn't have a chance to go," Gaines said. "And then another coach from my school, he's like a mentor to me, he came too."

Gaines, who plans to commit before the start of football season, said that before the visit he had SMU high on his list and after leaving his feelings were the same if not better.

"We all had the same feeling about it going into it and we all had the same feeling going out," Gaines said.

When asked if SMU was still near the top of his list Gaines responded:

"Oh yes sir. Definitely."

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