Player Profile Series: WR Keenan Holman

With fall camp nearing, the PS staff will profile all 22 projected starters throughout July. Today we take a look at junior wide out Keenan Holman.

Keenan Holman

Position: Wide Receiver

Size: 6-2, 195

High School: Beaumont Central (TX)

Classification: Junior

2011 Review: Holman is a very athletic and versatile receiver. After playing football, basketball and running track in high school, he came to SMU as a raw talent who needed to polish his route running and hands before he could contribute.

He did that as a freshman with three starts but finished with only 102 yards receiving and a touchdown. Holman had been expected to have a bigger role in 2011 with additional polish and experience in the offense, but he did not see results on the field even after his great offseason. Holman only caught five balls for 108 yards and a touchdown against Texas A&M before slipping into back into obscurity with only four starts the entire year.

Holman not seeing the field might have been due to injury, lack of production in practice or a combination of both, but it was disappointing after most Mustang fans expected him to step up in a big way for the SMU offense. While settling into the offense still might have been an issue for Holman, who needs every rep to polish his routes to Coach June Jones' liking, the 2011 campaign was one that Holman would like to learn from and improve upon.

2011 Grade: C

2012 Outlook: Holman enters the 2012 campaign as a veteran of the SMU receiver corps and will be trusted with stepping up as a big time playmaker because of his speed and height out on the edge. Holman has spent countless hours bulking up and improving his route running. His hands also showed improvement during the spring when only a few balls hit the ground when they were thrown his way.

Holman is truly poised to have a breakout year with all the focus on Darius Johnson and while both possess great speed, if Johnson and Holman are threats to stretch the field and make plays after the catch, defenses will have a tough time crowding the line to stop Zach Line and the SMU rushing attack.

Holman's deep threat ability is something SMU hasn't really had since Aldrick Robinson was stretching the field and Holman could end up with a similar season if he reaches his full potential. Holman's focus and attention to detail while dissecting coverages will also be key with a new quarterback. Limiting mental mistakes will help SMU's new starting quarterback and the rest of the offense perform to their full potential in the 2012 season.

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