Dickerson expects to play multiple positions

Dickerson is fired up about his commitment to SMU and looks forward to being tested at a variety of different positions

Solid as he's always been.

When Atlanta (TX) defensive back Everett Dickerson was asked if he was sure that SMU was where he would be playing in the fall of 2013, he answered: "Definitely pretty sure."

Dickerson, who committed to the Mustangs in May, said that he chose SMU for more reasons than just football. Getting a great education was one of them.

"I'm an academics type of person, but I also love football," Dickerson said. "It was academics, the coaches and when I went to see it I was just like man… this is where I want to go. Lock me in."

Dickerson plays multiple positions in high school and will be evaluated at a variety of spots for the Mustangs.

The two-star prospect said he has been in regular contact with his recruiter, defensive line coach Bert Hill. When Dickerson asked Hill about playing safety, Hill said it was a possibility.

"I really like safety," Dickerson said. "He said he was going to try me at anything; running back, slot receiver, special teams all of that. He didn't give me a limit on what I couldn't play."

Previously, Dickerson has been listed at 6-foot-1, however, he confirmed that he is a little smaller than recorded. But he has the mindset that every great defensive back tends to possess- there is nobody that he won't cover.

"I'm not 6-foot-1, I'm 6-foot," Dickerson explained. "But it doesn't really make a difference. I'd play with somebody who was 6-foot-6, it wouldn't matter. In my mind, we're all the same, but if you really want to play me, I'm going to play you hard. I don't care if you're 6-foot-6, 300-pounds. I'm going to play you as if you're my size."

When matched up against opponents, Dickerson is often going head to head against the best receiver. He said he loves to jam wide outs at the line and physical play is his specialty.

One thing that Dickerson is most excited about is SMU's upcoming move from Conference USA to the Big East.

"I think it's a good move," Dickerson said. "I think that with the way we've been going the last couple years, beating top teams, I think we can translate that to the Big East and have a good chance for a really good bowl game against one of the top teams in the nation."

Dickerson, who says his favorite player is Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed, hopes to have an immediate impact for the Mustangs in 2013. He says he is willing to put in the work to get playing time as a true freshman.

"Yeah I'll do the work," he said. "It just depends on how the coaches feel about it. I hope I would. I don't mind red-shirting but knowing me, I don't like to sit on the side line and not be of help to anything."

When asked if his team could make a run for a Texas state championship this year, Dickerson said they definitely have a shot.

"We have a good chance to go deep into the playoffs this year," he said. "Our whole offense is coming back except for the quarterback so we're in pretty good shape."

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