Windham reflects on SMU visit

Ocean Springs (MS) quarterback Wes Windham was on the Hilltop for an unofficial visit last Friday and departed with a very positive perspective. Is he close to picking up an offer?

With red brick buildings, flowing trees, budding flower bushes and cloudless skies, SMU isn't very strenuous on the eyes. Quarterback prospect Wes Windham got a firsthand account of the campus last Friday and SMU's visual appeal did not disappoint.

"I was kind of surprised at how nice it was," said the Mississippi signal caller. "It was just a really good visit all around. I liked everything about it."

Windham spent most of the day touring the campus and meeting with Associate Head Coach Dan Morrison. Windham also got a chance to meet SMU Head Coach June Jones.

"When we first got there Coach Jones was about to leave so I said hey to him and introduced myself," Windham recalled. "A graduate assistant took us on a tour around campus and showed us all the academic stuff and then we came back to Coach Morrison's office and he gave us an athletic tour."

Windham has yet to receive an offer from SMU but has been heavily recruited by Ivy League school Harvard. However, Windham said that he was impressed by the great balance of athletics and education that SMU has to offer.

"I was really impressed by their facilities and everything. I hadn't really heard much about them (SMU) before I went but I was really impressed with how they have academics and good athletics to go with it," Windham said.

While attending a camp at Harvard, Windham learned that he would need to bolster his ACT score by a few points in order to be accepted into the university.

If SMU does extend an offer to Windham he will have to make a decision between the two private universities but he says that SMU has earned more consideration than it had before he stepped foot on the Hilltop.

"I'll probably consider it a little bit more after seeing everything," Windham said. Windham's father, who accompanied him on the visit, left as pleased with SMU as his son.

"He likes it a lot," Windham said about his dad's take on SMU. "He was really impressed with the academic side and just everything. He really likes it, probably more than me."

Windham, who doesn't have any other visits scheduled, said that his focus now is on the upcoming season and had his very first practice at 6:30 on Monday morning.

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