Cassel recaps SMU visit

SMU quarterback commit Kolney Cassel was in attendance as the Mustangs opened up fall camp this past weekend. What were his thoughts on practice?

When SMU opened fall camp on Saturday, the most heralded spectator in attendance was none other than quarterback commit Kolney Cassel, who brought his whole family along for the ride.

"I think we saw a lot more than we did the first time, and it just kind of added to how good of a decision I made," Cassel said. "My mom really liked it, and my dad likes it, and my whole family likes it so it's a perfect fit, especially the offense, and the coaches and everything."

The Mustangs practiced for three hours but mostly focused on conditioning and technique rather than contact. This seems to be the trend for most of the season, but Cassel doesn't mind and actually embraces the laid back atmosphere.

"It's kind of how my high school practices. It's perfect because I'm used to that. I love June Jones because of the way he's so laid back and that's the what I like," Cassel said. "I don't really like that screaming as a coach. They kind of teach you. They don't yell at you if you do it wrong and just tell you what you did wrong so you can fix it.

"That's kind of what I like. It was a long practice but I'm good. With football it doesn't matter how long it is. I love football, and I'll play football as long as I need to."

Along with being at practice, Cassel and his family were also given the traditional campus tour and were blown away by the scenery and prestige found on the Hilltop despite excruciating temperatures.

"I love SMU so much. It's perfect. The weather doesn't really faze me with how hot it is," Cassel said. "It's not the biggest campus and it's not the smallest campus so it's a pretty good size. My mom thought it was a really beautiful campus and she loved the coaches, and she thought football was just fantastic. She liked it a lot."

After practice, Cassel had the opportunity to meet with defensive coordinator Tom Mason, quarterbacks coach Dan Morrison and head coach June Jones.

"June Jones and I are both from the Northwest so we were just talking about the Northwest and all the talent up there," Cassel said. "We talked about how the offense would fit me and Dallas and how much there is to do. Coach Jones talked to my mom and my dad and my whole family for a little bit. We just talked about life for the most part."

Cassel said he expects to be back in Dallas for an official visit after his senior season. When he asked if he would be checking out any other schools he simply said, ‘no I don't really care about anybody else.'

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