SMU commit preparing for upcoming season

Salpointe Catholic (AZ) linebacker Carlos Carroll knows where he's going to play at the next level and is now focused on having an outstanding senior season

Salpointe Catholic (AZ) is poised for a big season and SMU commit Carlos Carroll is a big reason why. Carroll's team is loaded with talent including another SMU commit, Travis Fister, and it's no secret that a state title is on the team's mind.

"We talk about our high school career and our team has a pretty good shot at winning state," Carroll said. "For how many good players we have, especially our senior class, our senior class is very talented, very athletic and very fast. The class below is very athletic and talented as well,"

Carroll and his teammates open out of state in Los Angeles and because of that, the team has been practicing for a few weeks now, while other Arizona schools are just getting started.

This summer, Carroll worked on many different things to get ready for his senior season. The team even traveled to Notre Dame for a passing tournament.

"I want to be better at pass coverage, which I need to work on, but that's all I worked on this summer and I'm much better at it I believe," said the 6-foot-2, 200-pound senior.

Carroll's team is focused as they open their season soon, and the talented group they have assembled is getting better every practice.

"Summer went well and the team is finding out our identity so we should be good for the game coming up this Saturday," Carroll said.

SMU defensive coordinator Tom Mason emailed Carroll to wish him well during this season and Carroll responded with the same wishes. Carroll also will look to schedule an official visit once Mason can call Carroll after September 1.

Carroll's recruitment has gone stagnant and San Diego State has been the only school to keep in contact with him. SDSU has kept their offer on the table for an official visit even though Carroll would ‘never change' his decision.

Once Carroll completes his senior season, he will work on getting faster by working with a speed coach in hopes of being ready to compete as soon as he gets to SMU.

"SMU always has been saying that they have incredible linebackers. It will be hard to start my freshman year," Carroll said. "I am going to try and start, but I am willing to redshirt as well."

Carroll will switch to inside linebacker at SMU and with the high level of competition he competes against in high school, a transition to college could lead to him seeing the field as a freshman in one capacity or another.

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