Pony Stampede Practice Report

The Pony Stampede staff will have daily practice reports throughout the season to keep subscribers up to date on everything SMU football

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Practice Observations

- SMU responded to a tough loss by… not having practice

- The team didn't come out to the field until 8 and only worked on stretching for about 25 minutes

- After stretching, the team ran wind sprints with Randall Joyner and Gareth Riley-Ayers leading their respective groups

- Zach Line and Aaron Davis, who had a wrap on his leg, spent some time on the bicycles

- Margus Hunt did not participate in stretching or running and appears to be a bit dinged up

- Ben Gottschalk had his arm in a sling after the Baylor game but did some running today

- Other than that, the team did not work on anything while on the field

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