Pony Stampede Practice Report

The Pony Stampede staff will have daily practice reports throughout the season to keep subscribers up to date on everything SMU football

Q&A With SMU safety Jay Scott

PS: The Baylor game was your first game as a starter. How did you feel before kickoff and how did you feel after?

JS: I was real nervous in the beginning but that's before every game. Once I got into the game and made a few tackles I was ready to go.

PS: What were your thoughts on the defense's play last week?

JS: We did well but we made a lot of mental mistakes that can be fixed and there was a whole bunch of stuff that we could have done better.

PS: There were a lot of times that the Baylor receivers were wide open in the secondary. What was that attributed to?

JS: Mental mistakes; people messing up their jobs.

PS: You had nine tackles and a couple of pass break-ups, how do you think you performed individually last week?

JS: I think I did alright but you can always do better. I can always make every tackle and capitalize on those pass break-ups. You can always do better.

PS: As a member of the secondary how important is it for you guys to have a clear mind and a short memory going into the next game against a team who many people think can surprise you guys?

JS: It's very important. We have a saying that says one snap and clear so good or bad we've got to move on. We obviously looked at the film and got better off the film but now we're focusing on our next opponent.

PS: What's your main focus going into SFA? What do you want to improve on most from the Baylor game?

JS: Capitalizing on plays, making every tackle I can, doing my job, and just making plays.

PS: Are you guys as confident going into the rest of the season as you were going into Baylor?

JS: Yeah. Like I said, we had some mistakes but these are things that we're going to get better at and we plan on doing that.

Practice Observations

- Margus Hunt and Darius Johnson did not practice

- Redshirt freshman Andrew McCleneghen got a lot of reps at defensive end

- Kris Weeks is also seeing more reps at left tackle

- Neal Burcham was throwing the ball with some zip on it in practice today. Very accurate

- Freshman Damien Neroes walked off kind of gimpy after a special teams drill

- Ryan Walker made some nice grabs in practice today

- Arrius Holleman did not line up with the 1st and 2nd string receivers today. He instead practiced with the practice squad offense against the 1st and 2nd string defense.

- Today was plagued with a number of dropped passes

- Stephen Nelson ran wind sprints after practice and is looking more explosive as he tries to work himself back up the depth chart

- Ben Gottschalk dressed out but didn't get reps

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