Pony Stampede Practice Report

The Pony Stampede staff will have daily practice reports throughout the season to keep subscribers up to date on everything SMU football

Q&A With SMU NT Torlan Pittman

PS: With A&M coming in with a young and inexperienced quarterback, what types of things will you be trying to do to make it hard for him to make plays?

TP: He's real athletic, He's a scrambler so we're going to try to make him stay in the pocket and beat throwing the football.

PS: How do you guys plan on dealing with A&M's three-man rushing attack?

TP: They've got a stable of backs back there and their some tough runners but mostly they're a passing team so we're going to have to stop the pass but then they're going to try to run the ball as well so we're going to have to figure out how to stop that too.

PS: You've got A&M, TCU, and Houston all coming to Ford Stadium this year. What does it mean to you guys to defend this home turf?

TP: It's definitely big. We've got to defend the home field and win our home games. It's definitely big.

PS: With SMU adding 3500 seats for A&M fans, how big would it be to see SMU's own fans show up rowdy and hyped? Do you guys feed off of that energy?

TP: Oh most definitely. Having our fans out there would be the biggest thing we could possibly have. It would be great support. As a player, if it's a home game and they've got more fans than us, it would be very disappointing.

PS: So if you could tell all the Pony fans about the game on Sunday what would you tell them?

TP: Come out there and support us, scream loud and we won't let y'all down.

PS: What types of things are you looking to do this year to put the final touches on your career here?

TP: Go out there every Saturday and work my butt off and give everything I've got.

PS: It's the first play of the game; you're down in the trenches, you're lined up opposite two three-hundred pounders, the lights are on, the crowd is electric, and it's right before that ball is about to be snapped. What three words describe your mindset at that moment?

TP: Get after it.

Practice Observations:

- Keith Robinson got a lot of work in today with Chris Parks nursing a hamstring injury

- Ryan Walker did not practice today

- Jarvis Pruitt had a nice pass breakup against the first team offense today

- Sam Rice and Ashton Duhe continue to get quite a few reps along the offensive line

- Jordan Free and Darius Johnson both practiced today. Johnson looked quick and elusive after the catch

- Gehrig Dieter caught a number of passes from Neal Burcham today and looks to be his favorite target

- The first team defense got a lot of looks from the practice squad offense with Hayden Greenbauer running and getting out of the pocket

- Darius Joseph is noticeably getting more and more time in the rotation

- Nick Sotta got more reps at punter than Chase Hover

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