Blogs, Podcasts: TCU 24, SMU 16

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We are here in the press box and it's pouring but we are ready for some football. Kickoff is in 30 minutes!


We are underway here at Ford Stadium. Check back at the end of the 1st quarter for our offensive and defensive blogs as well as our podcasts. For now go talk it up on the forums!



Offensive Blog: 1st Quarter

It's no surprise SMU's offense is struggling in the rain. They can never get it going in perfect weather, and here they look absolutely horrible. Gilbert is missing throws and receivers are dropping balls.

I said earlier that a key was going to be giving Zach Line the ball and it still is even though he fumbled early. That coupled with a Gilbert interception has spelled disaster for the Ponies.

In order to get back in the game, June Jones is going to have to switch some things up against his will and SMU will have to protect the ball better as well as feed Line. Trailing 14-0, it's going to be tough to come back.


Defensive Blog: 1st Quarter

Reminiscent of the SMU vs. Baylor game, SMU has started the game against TCU with some crucial penalties on defense. Linebacker Taylor Reed was called for a personal foul penalty which put TCU in the red zone and an excellent tackle for loss by Torlan Pittman was negated by an offsides call.

SMU has benefited by a few calls against TCU, some slips from the TCU backfield and a fumble that was recovered by linebacker Randall Joyner.

SMU's defense has been very undisciplined in the first quarter and is tackling poorly. With TCU starting to pick up its run game, SMU had better come out with a new mentality on defense or this one will get out of hand before half time.



Offensive Blog: 2nd Quarter

SMU finally got the offense rolling a little bit on its touchdown drive. Receivers actually caught passes and the line opened up a nice hold for Zach Line to run through and punch it in.

The offense showed a little bit of life again when Garrett Gilbert hit Jeremy Johnson on a big pass. A flag set them back and the Mustangs were forced to kick settle for a Chase Hover field goal.

But the wide outs are still dropping way too many balls. The weather is obviously playing a huge factor as it continues to pour, but it should definitely not be this bad. If the Ponies can fix that, they may actually have a chance.


Defensive Blog: 2nd Quarter

The SMU defense played well in the second quarter and made some key defensive stops. The pass rush has been off and on but Margus Hunt got a nice sack, which was nice to see.

TCU's offense never really got much going in the quarter aside from a big pass play to Skye Dawson in the middle of the SMU defense.

Although they did a great job of gang tackling and swarming to the ball, SMU is still having trouble making tackles on initial contact but other than that, made plays when they needed to stop Pachall and the TCU offense.

3rd Quarter Podcast


Offensive Blog: 3rd Quarter

SMU's offense somewhat regressed in the third quarter. They didn't have they ball for a very long time and when they did have possession, they weren't able to do anything against this TCU defense.

Gilbert threw two interceptions this quarter, which really hurt the Mustangs. He has looked flustered and uncomfortable in this weather. Receivers continue to drop passes as well.

In order to come back, Gilbert will need to put these mistakes behind him and focus on the task at hand.


Defensive Blog: 3rd Quarter

The defense came through with another solid quarter for the Mustangs. They held TCU to zero points and made key stops when they had to.

One thing that the SMU defense must improve on is getting off on third downs. In one drive, TCU converted on three third downs; Pachall ran for one and then Boyce caught two others. However, when it mattered on third-and-six, SMU's Kenneth Acker came through with a key stop.

The defense is giving SMU a chance to come back but things are NOT looking good on the offensive side of the ball but it looks as if the defense is finally playing up to their potential; not their full potential but definitely better than what they've shown in the past.

4th Quarter Podcast


Offensive Blog: 4th Quarter

June Jones' play calling and SMU's offense were flat out atrocious. Make that garbage. Only seven points were scored in the second after the defensive made stop after stop.

Not functioning well in the rain is understandable, but this was just a joke. It may be time for Jones to pack his games if the offense plays like this again at El Paso this week.

The blame for losing this game definite falls on Jones, Garrett Gilbert, and the receivers, who can't catch. ABSOLUTE DISASTER.


Defensive Blog: 4th Quarter

The SMU defense and special teams had a great fourth quarter and it was incredibly hard to watch them give that type of effort for no reason.

The defense couldn't have done any more for the Mustangs. After a 12-yard-sack by Taylor Reed, the special teams came back the very next play with a huge recovery of a mishandled punt and gave it to the offense on the one. In four chances they couldn't punch it in.

The defense has played exceptionally well and deserves credit for their effort even though it is in vain.

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