GameDay Central: SMU 72, Houston 42

Relive SMU's 72-42 win over Houston by checking out all of our blogs and podcasts from Thursday night's game. Plus get our final thoughts on the victory!

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We are here in the press box and it's pouring but we are ready for some football. Kickoff is in 30 minutes!

We are underway here at Ford Stadium. Check back at the end of the 1st quarter for our offensive and defensive blogs as well as our podcasts. For now go talk it up on the forums!


1st Q Podcast


1st Q Offensive Blog

After going three-and-out on its first two possessions, SMU has scored two touchdowns in the first quarter for the first time all season. Everybody seems to be executing a lot better including Garrett Gilbert.

Although he missed on a deep ball to Der'rikk Thompson, Gilbert has hit open receivers and hasn't turned the ball over. His touchdown pass to Darius Johnson had nice touch and was perfectly thrown.

Johnson looks fully healthy after missing the game against Tulane and was Gilbert's favorite target in the first quarter.

Houston has failed to pressure Gilbert and there have been massive holes in the secondary, which have allowed him to make more accurate throws thanks to an improved offensive line.


1st Q Defensive Blog

The SMU Defense got torched through the air in the first quarter by quarterback David Piland. Houston Coach Tony Levine has him running the hurry-up offense and SMU just can't keep up. Wide receiver Deontay Greenberry has been the biggest problem for the secondary so far and currently has Houston down to the two-yard-line.

SMU did a solid job against the run and made some nice plays at the line of scrimmage. The ponies held Charles Sims to relatively minimal gains and has not let David Piland beat them on the ground.

Although the secondary has been doing a poor job of stopping the Houston air attack, SMU has benefited from a couple of turnovers which the offense has been able to capitalize on.


2nd Q Podcast:


2nd Q Offensive Blog:

Things really settled down in the second quarter for the Ponies. But on their last position, they caught fire.

Gilbert found Jeremy Johnson often and hit him for an 18-yard touchdown after what appeared to be a Darius Johnson touchdown was ruled incomplete. Gilbert once again looked confident in the pocket and picked up good protection.

Zach Line also broke loose for 29-yard run and has been pounding Houston defenders. SMU needs to keep giving him the ball in the second half especially with a surprising lead.


2nd Q Defensive Blog:

The SMU defense is once again putting up a very solid performance. Overall they made enough plays to keep Houston off the board and Taylor Reed had the highlight of the second quarter with a pick six.

One of the brightest spots on the defense is tackling. Fill-in safety Brett Haness has been playing very well and making some nice tackles. He also tallied aan interception. J.G. Davis and Kenneth Acker have made some great plays and Margus Hunt has recorded two sacks on the game so far.

The SMU secondary is still allowing a few passes to get through and at times there seems to be gaping holes in the backside of the defense. However, as a whole the defense managed to come up with big plays when it counts and shut Houston out in the quarter.


3rd Q Podcast:


3rd Q Offensive Blog:

Has Garrett Gilbert finally gotten the offense down? He might have made a few dangerous throws, but he is moving this offense down the field and instead of running, threw a 43-yard touchdown pass to Keenan Holman.

Gilbert once again looks comfortable in the pocket and is getting major help from his wide receivers. Jeremy Johnson continues to be his safety blanket while Darius Johnson made an amazing 21-yard catch and followed that up with a touchdown of his own.

With the lead, expect a lot more Zach Line in the 4th quarter. So far, its been a great showing for the offense.


3rd Q Defensive Blog:

Huge quarter by the defense. Taylor Reed pummeled a Houston receiver and knocked the ball out allowing for Kenneth Acker to intercept it. Second string nose tackle Darrian Wright also picked off David Piland and took it to the house.

SMU's defense is hitting harder and wrapping up better than they have all season and are doing a great job of not giving up many yards after contact. SMU's playmakers are having amazing games. Taylor Reed is playing like a C-USA first-teamer SMU is however, giving up too many big pass plays especially and are not doing particularly well on third downs.

They did allow Houston to drive down the field to score a couple of touchdowns this quarter, however, they are making up for it in turnovers. Towards the end of the quarter Taylor Reed came up with another interception that led to another SMU touchdown.

The defense is playing with confidence and swagger and one has to think; where has this SMU team been this year. They have done a complete 180.


4th Q Podcast:


4th Q Offensive Blog:

Just when we gave credit for finally getting down the offense, he throws an interception, which was returned 75 yards for a touchdown. But he came back made a few throws and ran for a key first down that helped SMU run out the clock.

June Jones finally learned that when you're trying make the clock run faster, you give the ball to Zach Line. It's that simple. Line is a hard-nosed back that will wear down defenders in these types of situations.

Overall, the offense played its best game of the season by far. Darius Johnson finally had the big game everybody was waiting for and Jeremy Johnson was consistent. As far as Gilbert, it looks like it will continue to be a process but at least it's looking better.


4th Q Defensive Blog:

Due to SMU's lead and great clock management, Houston didn't have the ball much in the 4th quarter. Although the quarter started off sloppy #SMU continued its domination late with another defensive touchdown on a pick six by Stephon Sanders which set the school record for points in a game.

The defense put great pressure on backup QB Crawford Jones forcing him to make some bad decisions with the football. Tackling wasn't as good in the fourth quarter but most of the starters had already made the trip to the sideline. The defense ended their day with a stop on fourth down stamping their huge day with a golden seal.

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