Lancaster On Houston Offer

Cedric Lancaster recently picked up an offer from Houston. Does that affect his commitment to SMU?

As all of you know, SMU commit Cedric Lancaster received an offer from Houston this week. His teammate Zelt Minor also decommitted from Houston and decided to commit to SMU this week instead. I got a chance to talk to Cedric for a little while and here's some of the things that he told me.

Q: What are your thoughts on your new offer from Houston?

A: It's cool that they offered but I'm not too excited as I would have been if they had offered before I committed. I told them that I'm still committed to SMU but my options are still open so we'll see what my future holds.

Q: What types of things did Houston tell you?

A: That I'm a great player. They said the process took so long because they were trying to find the best place for me to fit and play as a freshman.They believe I can do kickoff and punt return as well as play wide receiver.

Q: How did you do in your game on Friday?

A: We won 41-0. Zelt dominated at the line the whole game so I really didn't do anything spectacular.

Q: So did you think that you might have a chance at playing with one of your teammates at the next level? What did you say when he told you he committed?

A: I knew I had a chance to play with one of my teammates. I was there throughout the whole process so he really didn't tell me I just kinda knew.

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