Hoops Player Profile Series: Jordan Dickerson

Every week leading up to the season opener, Pony Stampede will have weekly features on every SMU basketball player! Today we highlight freshman center Jordan Dickerson.

Jordan Dickerson's mind may not have been on basketball this week with Hurricane Sandy hitting the upper northeast pretty hard, but Dickerson says his grandmother and uncle are okay.

The Brooklyn native was the fourth and final member of new SMU head coach Larry Brown's first recruiting class. Dickerson is a lanky 7-footer that will definitely need to fill out and get stronger, but he can definitely clog the middle of the floor with his length.

Dickerson is just settling into SMU after not being here this summer and is getting to know his teammates, the coaching staff and the Dallas area.

"It's different," Dickerson said. "It's a lot faster in New York. It's actually calmer but easier to adjust to and find your path. I've just been focused ever since I got down her."

Dickerson said everyday it gets better with his teammates, but it is still a work in progress on and off the floor.

"I wasn't here during the summer so I wasn't able to connect as well with the team as some of the othera have so when I got here it was new and it was going to take awhile," Dickerson said. "I find everyday we're more comfortable with each other, and we're just learning each other's game."

Most freshmen are struggling to adjust to college and everything that goes along with being on your own. Try coupling that with dealing with a Hall of Famer in Brown putting you through some intense practices and boot camps to test your mental toughness and things are bound get hectic.

"Larry Brown is a legendary coach so there's no slacking off," Dickerson said. "It's just bring it every day or go home. It's a lot to take in. It's a lot to be thinking about. He puts a lot of pressure on us and raises the bar really high."

On the basketball court, the staff is intense and pressures the players to be better as a team on defense, not just as individuals. Brown and his staff have worked with players on finding the ball and communicating on the floor.

"I see the ball more. I'm starting to talk a lot more on defense and learning how to control how the defensive flow is so that's something different," Dickerson said. "Being able to be in sync with my teammates is a good feeling."

While Dickerson has all of the tools defensively, he is still learning how to play under control offensively and not rushing his shots in the paint.

"A lot of people say I'm not an offensive player so hopefully I will be able to develop that throughout the year," Dickerson said. "Defense is where I think I will play the most at especially being a freshman. I think I can bring a lot of good on defense and hold down the paint."

If Dickerson can put together his offensive game with his defensive talent, there is no doubt that he will be a dominant player for the Mustangs sooner rather than later.

Getting to Know Your Freshmen:

Favorite Music: "I listen to a lot of Fabulous and Jay-Z. Those are my two main idols."

Favorite Food: "Spagehetti. My mother used to cook spagehetti all the time so I grew up on that."

Favorite Thing To Do With Free Time: "Out of season, probably just hanging out with my friends and teammates. Going out and normally going out to parties and just chilling. During the season, I just like to chill out with my roommates to stay out of trouble."

Favorite Movie: "The Pursuit of Happiness. I just fell in love with that. It touches me."

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