Hoops Player Profile Series: London Giles

Every week leading up to the season opener, Pony Stampede will have weekly features on every SMU basketball player! Today we highlight senior guard London Giles.

The few fans that are regular attendants at SMU basketball games might hear the PA announcer at Moody Coliseum say, ‘London Giiiiles; FOR THREE!' about two or three times a game. However, Giles is referred to by his teammates as something much softer.

"Have you ever seen me shoot?" Giles asked with a grin when asked about his nickname. "When I was like six or seven my dad gave me the name Cotton because of the net. I would never hit the rim so I just ran with it and it stuck."

After finishing second on the team in scoring last season with 10 points per game and a three point field goal percentage of just under 40, Giles will be returning to the Hilltop for his senior season.

Recently, Giles has been battling an injury that caused him to miss time during summer workouts. Giles says that the recovery has been steady however, and he is feeling better than he has in past months. Giles hopes to be 100 percent going into SMU's first game of the season at home vs. Loyola Marymount this coming Sunday.

"The injury is getting a lot better. My body's been feeling great the past three weeks or so," Giles said. "I feel more comfortable out there on the floor."

Giles, who will be playing shooting guard, will likely be coming off of the bench to start the season with sophomore Ryan Manuel manning down the point guard spot and Nick Russell starting at the two.

Giles says that he's not concerned with the minutes that he'll see on the floor this year as long as he's helping his team pull out victories.

"I'll just do whatever I need to do to help my team win," Giles said. "If that's coming off the bench, if that's starting, if that's not going in until the second half, I'll do whatever I need to in order to help my team win."

Giles, who praised Larry Brown as being a ‘great coach,' says that he admires both Brown and former head coach Matt Doherty for their dedication to preparing the team for success even though their specific styles of play and coaching are different.

Giles says that Larry Brown's scheme allows the team to play faster both offensively and defensively. Brown's offense also allows players to have more freedom, which Giles says has a catch to it but fits his style of play.

"It's a lot of freedom, but with that comes a lot of responsibilities," Giles said. "He's really hard on us about making the right plays and making the right reads and getting everybody involved.

"I feel like it fits very well. I get a lot of open looks off of guys' penetration or if I'm penetrating for myself, I can make plays for others so I like it a lot."

Giles says that his goals for the season are to take on a leadership role on and off the floor by setting a good example for the younger players on the team as well as help the Mustangs get to their first NCAA tournament since 1993.

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