Dickerson Plays In Front Of SMU Coach

Everett Dickerson recently showcased his talents in front of an SMU coach. How did he do and is his commitment still solid?

Three-star SMU commit Everett Dickerson is focused on making sure his senior season is one that he'll never forget.

Dickerson, who led his team to a 73-32 first round playoff victory over Wills Point, says his team is having a great week of practice in preparation for their second round showdown with rival Gilmer, which is led by fellow commit Trey Washington, on Friday.

Dickerson, who has never won against Gilmer, says that he wants this win more than anything especially after losing to the Buckeyes earlier this year 31-17.

"I was stoked about the win. That was the first playoff win of my high school career," Dickerson said. "Last year we were just glad to be there, that's probably why we didn't do so well. This year we came with a purpose and now we get to play one of our old rivals."

SMU defensive line coach Bert Hill visited Dickerson a few weeks ago when his team defeated Liberty-Eylau. Dickerson says that after the game Hill congratulated him on a victory in which he contributed 112 yards rushing on 10 carries along with seven tackles and 80 yards on special teams.

Since the game, Dickerson has not talked with Hill but says that usually Hill does a good job of keeping in touch with him. Dickerson also expects to hear from him soon.

Dickerson, whose most recent offer was from Oklahoma State, says that the Cowboys originally contacted him because of one of his teammates who has already committed there. Oklahoma State told Dickerson that they needed a cornerback, but he has not showed much interest.

"Well they had recruited our other running back Corion Webster, and they were saying that they needed a cornerback," Dickerson said. "They really liked me so they called me, but I was pretty much committed on SMU. I wasn't changing my mind anyway. It's been a couple weeks since I've talked to them."

Dickerson, who has yet to take an official visit to SMU, says that he would have liked to visit during the Southern Mississppi game but couldn't make ends meet. Dickerson says that hopefully he'll be able to schedule a visit in the coming weeks but right now his focus is making sure his team is prepared for Friday.

"I think we are prepared," Dickerson said. "I think we've got a good chance of pulling this one off."

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