Carroll Recaps Official Visit

SMU commit Carlos Carroll was on the Hilltop for an official visit. Get his thoughts inside!

When Salpointe (AZ) linebacker Carlos Carroll committed to SMU in June, he knew his decision was final and his official visit this past weekend only confirmed his initial thoughts.

"I had already been to the campus a couple of times before so it wasn't anything new, but I really had a good time," Carroll said. "I liked getting to meet all of the players, and I feel like SMU is a really good fit for me."

While on the Hilltop, Carroll was able to speak to defensive coordinator Tom Mason and the rest of the SMU coaching staff. Carroll, who earned all-state honors as a defensive end this season, said Mason expects him to transition to inside linebacker.

"I got to talk to pretty much all of the coaches. We had breakfast with them every morning so I kind of went around each table and spoke to all of them for a couple of minutes," he said. "I got a chance to really talk to Coach Mason, and he told me he really likes me as an inside linebacker. I think that's a great place for me, and I would feel really comfortable there."

Carroll also spoke to SMU head coach June Jones, who shared some words of wisdom with the two-star prospect.

"I didn't get to talk to Coach Jones until the last day because he was busy I guess. But I had dinner with him on my last night," Carroll said. "He was a really cool guy and really laid back. He told me to keep up the good work and that he was happy to have me. I think I'll like playing for him."

When Carroll wasn't in meetings with coaches, he was out having a good time with his player host and SMU defensive end Kevin Grenier.

"Kevin, and I went to the same high school so it was great to be with him. We got to hang out with Travis (Fister) and his player host Joey Fontana and we all went to Top Golf," he said. "It was really fun.

"Kevin told me the academics at SMU are pretty tough, but I should be able to handle them because Salpointe does a good job of preparing us. He also told me playing for Mason is great and that I should really enjoy the coaching staff."

Carroll explained that he does not have any other official visits planned and has not heard from very many other schools.

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