Montgomery Details Official Visit

Dallas Madison DB Jesse Montgomery was on the Hilltop for an official visit this past weekend. Get his thoughts inside!

SMU extended an offer to Dallas Madison (TX) cornerback Jesse Montgomery last week, and he was instantly interested. Montgomery made the trip to the Hilltop last Friday and says he got a great scope of the team, facilities, and campus.

"I got a tour, I got to talk to the coaches, I got to talk to the players and I got to see how they practice and their daily routine," Montgomery said. "I saw all the things that I would be seeing if I were to go to SMU."

The 6-foot-1 170-pound cornerback says that he talked to just about the entire coaching staff including SMU head coach June Jones. Montgomery says Jones told him it would be great if he decided to become a Mustang and his academics would be a focal point if he were to do so.

"He was telling me how much he would really like for me to come to his program and be a part of the Mustang family," Montgomery said. "He told me that my academics were very important as far as on the field and off the field."

Montgomery says that academics will weigh very heavily in his college decision. Luckily for SMU, Montgomery is very fond of the Bobby B. Lyle School of engineering they have to offer. Montgomery also said he did not realize that SMU was a private institution until after his visit.

Montgomery, who also spoke with the SMU secondary coach Derrick Odum, says he would definitely be playing cornerback for the Ponies. Montgomery would be added to an SMU secondary that was stricken with a plethora of injuries this year and ranked near the bottom of Conference USA.

Montgomery, who is currently committed to New Mexico, says that the visit to SMU has him split right down the middle between the two schools. The decision will probably come down to whether or not he wants to leave Texas for college or stay close to home.

"It's really making my decision very tough right now," Montgomery said. "SMU has the engineering program that I like over New Mexico so they're kind of going neck and neck. It's pretty much all up to the big decision of whether I want to stay home or go but I think the engineering program is what's winning me over."

Another factor that will play into Montgomery's decision is his family whom he says would enjoy the opportunity to see him often and attend many of his games. Montgomery's mother, who accompanied him on the visit, also enjoyed SMU and likes it even more because of its close proximity.

"My mom really likes SMU because it's closer to home," Montgomery said. "She'd be able to visit and come to the games. That's very important having my family there, win or lose, so they can see me succeed on and off the field."

Montgomery says that he is going to sit down and have further conversations with his mother and plans to make his decision by next week.

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