Zelt Minor Hosts SMU, Texas Tech

SMU commit Zelt Minor was visited by June Jones and Texas Tech late last week. Come inside to see how both in-homes affected his commitment status!

Houston Lamar (TX) defensive lineman Zelt Minor is a very busy man these days. Fresh off his recent visit up to Washington State, Minor played host to SMU and Texas Tech late last week as they both took trips down to the Houston area to speak with him.

Minor, who said he had been looking forward to speaking with the SMU coaching staff, chatted with his recruiter, wide receivers coach Jason Phillips as well as SMU head coach June Jones. Minor says they visited him at school initially and then talked to him in his home.

"We basically talked about how much they would need me next season and the chances of me playing as a freshman," said the 6-foot-2, 275-pound three-star prospect. "They just told me that my education would be taken care of and all I have to do is come in and be willing to put in the work."

After visiting Washington State, Minor learned playing as a freshman would be a very obtainable goal if he were to decide to become a Cougar. Minor said he wanted to make sure he would have that same opportunity on the Hilltop and that was one of the biggest questions he got answered during the in-home visit.

"I had talked to SMU before and they were telling me about Margus Hunt leaving and how his spot would be available, but I just wanted to hear it from the head coach," Minor said. "June Jones came in and basically told me the same thing Coach Phillips had so I felt comfortable after the meeting.

"Having one of those big time head coaches come into my front room was a great experience. It made me feel like I'm somebody."

Minor says that in the very same week he was also paid a visit by Texas Tech, which recently offered. Minor said he just wanted to be sure that the Red Raider coaching staff was being straight forward with him during the recruiting process and he feels he took away some valuable information from their meeting.

"They visited me on Thursday night," Minor said. "The thing about recruiting is every recruiter is going to tell you the things that you want to hear but I just wanted them to be straight-forward with me.

"They were just basically telling me that they need defensive linemen to come in right now and if I come in and work hard, I would have a spot in the rotation and that they would move me around and not just have me at one position."

Minor, who has an uncle that played basketball for LSU, says when he was young he thought the recruiting process would be fun and exciting, however now that he is in it, he is seeing how stressful it can become.

With just over two weeks until signing day, Minor won't be making any decisions until he takes his final visits. He plans to take a trip to the Hilltop on January 25 along with teammate Cedric Lancaster and will then travel to Lubbock on February 1.

"My top three right now I'd have to say are Texas Tech, Washington State and SMU," Minor said. "But I want to be able to take my visits and see everything first sight. I'll be able to decide then."

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