Taylor Sets Official Visit

Pittsburg (TX) offensive lineman Brian Taylor will be visiting the Hilltop soon. Come inside to see if his commitment to SMU is still solid!

SMU commit Brian Taylor he will be taking a trip on I-30 West to Dallas, TX within the coming weeks. After speaking with his recruiter, defensive line coach Bert Hill, he expects to be on campus for his official visit on February 1.

Taylor keeps in regular contact with Hill and has talked to him as recently as this past week. Taylor says that their conversations are brief and usually just to check up on one another.

The 6-foot-4 275-pound offensive tackle says SMU plans to move him into the interior of the line when he arrives to the Hilltop. Taylor, who has played tackle since his sophomore year of high school, says that although he prefers to play he tackle, he thinks he'd be comfortable anywhere on the line.

"They were talking about moving me inside to either guard or center," Taylor said. "I played it a little bit in middle school and in my freshman year, but I haven't played it since. I mean I would prefer tackle, but I feel like I'll have a good time playing either one of them."

Taylor, who has played in both a power offense as well as a finesse pass-first offense, says he definitely enjoys the power rushing attack better. However, he thinks that he would fit in well in June Jones' Run N' Shoot offense because of his experience and versatility.

"I think I'll fit in pretty well," Taylor said. "I've seen both sides. I've played in both styles of offense so I'm pretty sure I can hold my own and play with the rest of them."

Taylor, who says his commitment to SMU is still very solid, will start his final baseball season in the coming week as well as compete for his track team and powerlifting team. Taylor also plans to work out every day to make sure he's in the best shape possible for summer practices at SMU.

"I'm about to start baseball and I'm doing powerlifting and track," Taylor said. "I've played baseball all my life and I've done powerlifting since I was in middle school. I love baseball and I find track and powerlifting to be pretty interesting."

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