Taylor Hopes To Eventually Play For SMU

After not reaching the necessary SAT score, Pittsburg (TX) offensive lineman Brian Taylor will spend a year and a half at a local JUCO. Come inside for details!

Pittsburg (TX) offensive lineman Brian Taylor will have to take another route to the Hilltop. Taylor recently found out that his SAT scores were not high enough to enroll at SMU next fall. Instead, he will be attending Navarro Junior College in Corsicana.

"Since I couldn't get my SAT scores up to 900, Coach (Bert) Hill went and talked to Coach (Cody) Crill over at Navarro," the 6-foot-4 270-pound offensive tackle said. "They set up a deal where I'm going to go to Navarro for a year and a half and then I'm going to transfer to SMU."

Taylor spoke with S Hill, his recruiter, about the ordeal last week and has already spoken with two of Navarro's coaches. Taylor plans to take his official visit to Corsicana later on this week.

"I talked to the head coach and the offensive line coach," Taylor said. "They were just telling me that they're really excited about me coming on down and that they're ready for me to come on over. I'm headed there Wednesday."

Taylor, who was supposed to take a visit to SMU on February 1, says he is not sure if he will still get to go to the Hilltop this weekend.

Taylor says that although he would like to be at SMU in the fall, Navarro will help him have a smooth transition to college and it might just be the best thing for him.

"I would have rather just gone to SMU straight up but that didn't happen," Taylor said. "I'll just have to do everything I can just so I can get back to SMU.

"I believe it could help me. It will give me a little more time to mature and get up college speed. It'll also give me time to increase my strength and everything. It could be good for me."

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