Hot Button: Who Is The Best 2013 OL?

The Pony Stampede staff debates which 2013 commit is the best offensive lineman in the class

Russell Argues For Freddie Johnson:Despite being incognito, and very difficult to get in touch with, Johnson is the most talented linemen in this class. Johnson has great size for a guard, standing at 6-foot-2, 300-pounds, and squats and benches at a very impressive rate. He is ranked as high as the 40th best guard in the entire country. He will be making the switch from tackle to guard, but with his impressive body control and pass protection skills, he should be able to make the switch without a problem.

Billy Argues For Daniel McCarty:McCarty has some brute strength and that is why he's the most important offensive line signing for the Mustangs. The 6-foot-4, 280-pound guard brings an intense physicality to the Mustangs. McCarty is well coached and fires off the ball extremely well and gets down the field to lead the way in the run game. In the passing game, McCarty pinches down well and gets defenders on the ground easily to open up passing lanes. McCarty has underrated athleticism and when he arrives on the Hilltop will probably take a year to get better with some good depth already along the offensive line.

Even though McCarty will probably redshirt, he is the most talented and ready to compete in Dallas out of the entire offensive line class. McCarty's incredible strength cannot be stressed enough, but he also plays with good technique in getting under the pads of defenders and driving them into the ground. Once McCarty drives someone into the ground, he continues the play until the whistle, getting up on several occasions to get down the field. In one play, he is about 40 yards down the field still looking to block and that will serve him well in the run game at SMU. McCarty is comfortable in a shotgun offense already and that will help him pick up the schemes the SMU coaching staff will install when he arrives.

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