Hot Button: Who Is The Best 2013 DL?

The Pony Stampede staff debates which 2013 commit is the best defensive lineman in the class

Beionny Arguing For Zelt Minor:Zelt Minor will enter into SMU as the best defensive prospect in his class, there's no doubt about it. At 6-foot-3 260-pounds, Minor can rush the passer, he can plug up running lanes, he can block punts, you name it he can do it. He is so big, strong and fast that he has an impact on nearly every play that he's in the game. Offensive coordinators have to account for him in their game plan.

The thing that separates him from the other defensive lineman that SMU will be bringing in is his ability to fire out of his stance with elite quickness, strength and acceleration. If you check out his highlights, this guy just has a home in the opponent's backfield. Another thing that makes his game lethal is his ability to close in on quarterbacks and running backs once he gets into the backfield. It's almost like when a shark smells blood, he just penetrates the line and then attacks. Minor is certainly the best defensive lineman in this class and I'm not sure if there is anyone close.

EJ Argues For Mason Gentry: I've probably already lost this argument since Beionny went with Zelt Minor, but I'll go ahead and make a case for Mason Gentry. The Plano West product has only been playing football for a year so his potential is through the roof. He believes he can be the next Margus Hunt, and I have no reason to doubt him. I think understands the game and will obviously be more advanced than Hunt was when he takes part in his first fall camp. I also think from a product standpoint, Gentry will have a better career than Hunt.

There isn't a lot of quality depth at defensive end so I can easily see Gentry starting after redshirting for a year. Minor may be the guy that's ready to go on Day 1 but don't be surprised if Gentry ends up being even more of beast by the time these two guys are seniors. At 6-foot-7, 265-pounds, Gentry is athletic for his size and can wreck havoc in opposing backfields. He will, however, need to keep getting stronger in the weight room in order to utilize his mammoth frame. Overall, Gentry was a solid pick up for SMU and may very well end up being the next Hunt.

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