Hot Button: Who Is The Best 2013 LB?

The Pony Stampede staff debates which 2013 commit is the best linebacker in the class

Russell Argues For Roderick Moore Moore, a perennial three star, played for powerhouse Skyline here in Dallas. Playing on a team with the amount of star power as Skyline has causes some to get overshadowed, and Moore may have suffered as a result. However, Moore is without a doubt a major playmaker in both the run game and pass game, and despite entering a program that is already loaded at the linebacker position, Moore, out of all the other incoming linebackers, may have the best shot at early playing time.

EJ Argues For Nick Horton:When looking at these three linebacker commits, I feel SMU could have done a lot better. I would actually be making the argument for D.J. Green had SMU not passed on him. But out of this trio, I believe the best backer is definitely Nick Horton. Beionny is obviously enamored with the Skyline connotation that is attached to Roderick Moore. I saw Moore play twice this year and although he's strong and can punish the opposition, he is just way too slow. My high school coach would always yell ‘you're slower than molasses' to those lagging behind in sprints. I think that best describes Moore.

With Horton, you get an athletic 6-foot-3, 225-pounder with 4.5 speed. Horton has a motor and will be a relentless pass rusher off the edge. He can get a little thicker and must avoid injuries, but Horton is the cream of the crop. SMU is loaded up at linebacker so this argument will be irrelevant for a few year, but I think will breakout as a junior and be a premier pass rusher in the new Big East.

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