Hyder Holding Off On Decision

Houston Lamar offensive lineman Braylon Hyder won't be committing to SMU just yet. He tells us why inside!

If they jump off the bridge are you going to jump too? At one point or another, everybody hated hearing their mother saying this.

But the old cliché holds true for Houston Lamar offensive lineman Braylon Hyder. Over the weekend, his teammates, Darrell Colbert and Shelby Walker, committed to SMU.

Many expected Hyder to do the same, but he wants make sure he makes the right decision.

"I did think about committing, but I sat down with my parents and we talked about it and decided to wait," Hyder said. "When I choose a college, I want to be completely sure because my decision will be final. But SMU is still at the top of my list.

"I talked to Darrell about it, but he didn't really try to push me to commit. He just said that SMU would be a great place for us. I would to play another four years with my teammates. It would be a blessing."

Hyder originally picked up an offer from SMU last month when June Jones personally went down to Houston to visit with him. Since then, he's been anxious to see SMU's campus and finally got the opportunity to do so this weekend when he attended junior day.

"I really enjoyed my time at SMU. The campus and the facilities are great," Hyder said. "We went on a tour, and it really caught my attention. Everything made me say wow. I really liked the hospitality everyone showed."

While on campus, Hyder spoke with his recruiter Jason Phillips but also met with offensive line coach Bob Palcic.

"When I got there, Coach Phillips introduced me to Coach Pacic. He asked me about my trip and said he could really use me," Hyder said. "I haven't seen him at work but as a person, he seemed pretty cool and laid back."

Hyder currently holds no other offers but has recently received interest from Boise State and California.

"I think both are great schools. But I kind of want to stay close to home," Hyder said. "Boise State invited me to their junior day. I don't know how I'm going to get up there, but I would like to see the campus."

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