Hart Still Hoping For SMU Offer

Dallas First Baptist WR Trae Hart was on the Hilltop for junior day but left without an SMU offer. Is he close to picking one up? Come inside to find out!

Somehow, someway wide receiver Trae Hart is still without any division one offers.

Despite putting up just flat out absurd numbers in his junior season at First Baptist Academy, Hart is still looking for that first offer and hopes it comes from SMU.

Hart was on the Hilltop recently for SMU's junior day and liked what he saw from the Mustangs, especially the emphasis on academics.

"It went good, real good. They talked a lot about academics, which I liked," he said. "I liked being able to see all the facilities, the weight room and locker room. They were real nice. I think I could see myself there next year."

Hart was unable to stick around long enough to talk to any of the members of the SMU coaching staff but says he is excited to come back in the summer for the SMU camp.

"I had to leave to go to my little brother's game so I did not get to talk to any coaches." he said, "I think I could be close to an offer. Last, they said they want to see me at their camp. I think after that I could get offered."

Hart also has junior days scheduled for Rice, Tulsa and Houston, and went to Baylor's junior day a few weeks ago.

"Baylor, like every other school said they want to see me at their camps before they offer me," Hart said. "I'm excited for this summer so I can show people what I can do."

During the offseason, Hart has hit the weight room hard and is trying to add weight to his small 160-pound frame.

"I'm trying to get bigger muscle wise. I want to be stronger and bigger come next season, and I am hoping to add a few more inches height wise and getting bigger will help if that happens."

Coming off a season where he had over 2,000 receiving yards and 29 touchdown catches, some may think there may not be much room for improvement statistically, but Hart disagrees.

"I talked to my coach recently." he said. "My goal is 3,000 receiving yards, that's what I'm shooting for. Overall I want to have 5,000 all-purpose yards if you add in special teams."

It would be difficult to imagine a senior season even close to these numbers wouldn't produce an SMU offer, but Hart hopes with a good camp it could come before his senior season starts.

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