Ulric Maligi Offers Pair Of Florida Ballers

During his visit to the Sunshine State, SMU assistant coach Ulric Maligi offered two 2014 hoopsters. Hear what their coach had to say about the offers as well as their interest inside!

The SMU Men's Basketball Staff went on the road once again- this time to North Florida. Assistant coach Ulric Maligi offered a couple of Arlington Country Day (FL) 2014 players in power forward Dante Buford and shooting guard Brandone Francis.

Arlington Country Day assistant coach Patrice Days says that the two were excited to meet him as well as receive offers.

"Coach Maligi knew of them. He's just been tied down with recruiting," Days said. "When he came to recruit the area, he finally made it down to see those guys. They were excited to have him there. They knew a little about him and that he coached for Larry Brown so they felt honored to receive an offer from him."

Days says at some point Brown will be making a visit out to Florida himself to visit the two prospects, who he says are very excited for that as well.

Days, who has known the two players for quite some time, says that it's been fun to be around both of the two standouts. He says Buford can play both the small and power forward positions and Francis can play point guard, shooting guard and small forward.

"I've known Dante for about three or four years now. I remember back when all he could do was jump," Days chuckled. "Now, he's showing his whole repertoire. He's rebounding, blocking shots, and he has a high motor. He needs to work on being more aggressive. He has the whole skill set and he has all the moves but that's something he needs to work on

"With Brandon it's more so just continuing to mature, becoming a leader and learning how to take over games. He plays with a lot of passion and emotion but he's just learning how to be one of the top guys in the country."

Days says that Francis holds offers from SMU, Ole Miss, West Virginia, South Carolina, Florida International and South Florida while Buford has gotten offers from SMU, Charleston, Florida International, Kansas State and South Carolina.

Currently, Francis has only taken an unofficial visit to Florida while Buford has yet to take a visit.

Days believes depending on what programs the two decide to attend, both could come in and make an impact immediately.

Days also chimed in about SMU's contention in the Keith Frazier sweepstakes and said if SMU were to land him, it would be a definite program changer.

"I think that getting a guy like Keith Frazier is key for SMU," he said. "He would come in and make it cool to go to SMU. I think that's really really important.

"I know of the program and the campus. I know it's a place where he can win. They have a really good staff for the young guys, and I like how they're getting into social media and things like that. I like what they're doing over there at SMU."

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