FREE: Harris Committing To SMU... Eventually

Skyline wide receiver Emmanuel Harris attempted to commit to SMU on Monday night, but Jason Phillips never returned his calls. Hear from Harris inside and get Publisher EJ Holland's take on the situation!

It's the same old song and dance.

Recruits, for whatever reason, can't seem to get in contact with SMU coaches. Last year, it was both Nick Horton and Jarvis Baxter that had to wait two entire days to make their commitments official.

This year, it's Skyline wide receiver Emmanuel Harris.

While some of the SMU staff is reportedly vacationing outside of the country, Harris is attempting to commit. To make matters worse, wide receivers coach Jason Phillips keeps failing to return his calls… surprise, surprise.

Some may say cut the staff some slack, it's Spring Break for God's sake. Those are the same fans that share the attitude of SMU's own ‘big kahuna' and are satisfied with mediocrity. If SMU wants to be treated like a BCS program, then it needs to start acting like one on the field, off the field and on the recruiting trail.

And it seems likes the staff is truly putting in more effort –which they should have been doing since year one- but it could all simply be smoke and mirrors.

Try telling Larry Brown to take a vacation. He'll probably scoff at such a suggestion while he boards his jet to see an array of prospects across the country. That is a man truly dedicated to making SMU a winning program.

He's shown more life in one year on the Hilltop than the football staff has shown in six. It's time for change.

Phillips needs to stop being so phantasmal with recruits and get on the horn first thing in the morning to accept this commitment from Harris, who is still ecstatically waiting to be a Mustang.

"I'm ready to commit when Coach Phillips calls me back," Harris said on Monday night. "I really feel like I can fit in at SMU, and that's where I want to go. They have a great environment, and the program is on the rise."

Harris believes he is making the right choice after discussing it with his coaches and family over the weekend. He also visited SMU for junior day last month and fell in love with the campus and facilities.

"It just felt like home," Harris said. "Everything was great from the school to the stadium. I really like how they talked to us about academics and the tutoring they provide. I've been to Baylor, and it's not a bad school, but SMU was just great."

Last season, Harris played opposite of Oklahoma State signee Ra'Shaad Samples so he didn't see a bevy of passes thrown his way but still managed to finish the year with 21 receptions for 358 yards.

Harris will now be the go-to guy in Skyline's high-powered offense and should easily double if not triple those numbers. At 5-foot-10, 170-pounds, Harris is fast and smooth on the outside and feels he can be a dynamic pass catcher in the Ponies' pass heavy offense.

"I think I can make a really big difference in the Run N' Shoot offense. I think I can catch a lot of passes and make a lot of plays," he said. "I've really been working hard this offseason to improve and get ready for my senior season."

Harris will certainly start receiving some Big 12 looks as will all of SMU's current commits so if they're going to remain Mustangs, Phillips better start learning the basics of using an iPhone.

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