FREE: Keith Frazier Postpones Decision

Five-Star shooting guard Keith Frazier will not be making his college decision on Thursday. See what his AAU coach Erven Davis had to say about his decision to wait and more inside!

The Keith Frazier Sweepstakes continues to keep the nation in a state of suspense.

The Five-Star shooting guard was scheduled to make his college decision on Thursday, but it seems he will need more time according to Frazier's AAU coach Erven Davis.

"He's not going to make the announcement tomorrow," he said. "It's going to be some time probably after the McDonald's game. He can't sign until April so he's going to sit back and think about it and make sure he's making the right decision."

Davis says there were no specific reasons prompting Frazier's decision to push the date back other than he liked all the schools in front of him and needed more time.

Davis did, however, say there were some issues pending with a couple of the schools on Frazier's radar that he wants to take a look at before moving forward.

"There are some things that need some clarity with a couple of them," Davis said. "He just wants to take a look at it and make sure that he's doing what he feels is right. He wants everything to be in place when he makes his decision."

One of the issues Davis is almost certainly referring to involve the coaching situation at Texas Tech. Earlier this month, the Red Raiders released their entire coaching staff short of interim coach Chris Walker.

There were also reports of Davis' skepticism of the status of SMU pertaining to its shift to the Big East and the state of the conference. But Davis says after keeping tabs on the situation, he now feels more comfortable about it.

"I know next year SMU is going to be in the American 12 or something like that," Davis said. "We know all the players that are going to be in there and we know about the TV deal they just signed so we're very familiar and comfortable with all of the conferences and things like that."

Davis says that Frazier, who talked with the SMU coaching staff on campus Wednesday, has also still been in contact with coaches from Texas A&M as recently as Tuesday, despite rumors that the Aggies were out of the picture.

"Whoever has looked at my comments knows that A&M has never left," Davis said. "The schools that he is considering right now are A&M, SMU and Texas Tech."

There were also reports that surfaced about Frazier verbally committing to Texas Tech on Wednesday. Davis says he and Frazier got wind of the reports and were both perplexed about where they came from.

"He doesn't know where those rumors originated from," Davis said. "I saw a lot of it on Twitter and everywhere saying that he committed to Texas Tech, but I'm with him right now and he hasn't committed to anywhere yet."

Davis also says that he has no information about the validity of the claims stating that Texas Tech is considering hiring Kimball head coach Royce Johnson.

"I'm not sure about Texas Tech hiring (Johnson) at all," Davis said. "One thing about it, they haven't even put an official head coach in place yet and before you put your staff together, you've got to get a head coach."

Davis says all in all, a lot of schools made their cases to Frazier and he just wants to ‘take a step back' and take a longer look at his options before making ‘the biggest decision of his life.'

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