Pony Stampede Spring Practice Report: Day 4

Pony Stampede will be at every SMU spring practice over the next month. Come inside for a recap of Day 4!

VIDEO: SMU CB/WR Kenneth Acker

Q&A with DB Hayden Greenbauer

Russ: So Hayden how is spring practice going so far?

Hayden: So far so good, just trying to get some new guys in there, and a lot of learning to start off the spring. Just trying to get back in it, and just getting the young guys some reps and experience.

Russ: What are the team goals for the upcoming season?

Hayden: We're going into new conference so we want to definitely make a statement in our first year. People aren't giving us much positive chances going in so we are going to try to negate that.

Russ: How does losing guys like Margus Hunt, Taylor Reed, and Ja'Gared Davis affect you guys in the secondary?

Hayden: We are always going to be ready no matter who leaves. On the defensive line we lose some guys, but we expect everyone who is coming in to be ready and step up at the highest level.

Russ: What have you personally been working on to get ready for the season now that you're listed as a starter?

Hayden: Lots of little things. In the offseason you're not going against an opponent so that makes it more difficult, but I tried to study up, and start to better see how the play develops.

Russ: What does it mean to have so many guys with experience in the secondary return for the upcoming season?

Hayden: Yeah, we in the secondary have been together for several years now so we are all pretty close and we know what to expect of each other and how to help each other out.

Russ: How's scout team quarterback going?

Hayden: (Laughing) It's fun, it' always fun to through the ball around.

Quick Hits

-The offense spent the day in the stadium while the defense was on the practice field.

-Neal Burcham struggled mightily with the long ball, either bouncing balls at the receiver's feet or overthrowing them. -Nate Halverson spent the practice going through drills with the receiver's and looked pretty comfortable.

-Both Traylon Shead and Rishaad Williams were impressive catching balls out of the backfield.

-Shakiel Randolph was extremely vocal during the duration of the defensive drills.

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