Pony Stampede Spring Practice Report: Day 5

Pony Stampede will be at every SMU spring practice over the next month. Come inside for a recap of Day 5!

VIDEO: SMU OLB Robert Seals

Q&A With SMU RB K.C. Nlemchi

B: It's only your second year so you've been playing the role of a practice player while getting more familiar with the offense. What have you learned so far and how do you plan to use that this year?

KC: I've learned a lot from a running stand point, a blocking stand point and a receiving stand point. I'm just trying to grasp it all and use it to the best of my abilities, and we'll see what the coaches have in store for me.

B: With Zach Line graduating, many people are wondering what will happen at the running back position. What are your thoughts on the running back group this year and what type of production are you expecting from the group?

KC: Man, we're real productive and we compete as a group. We always push each other to get better. All of us competing against each other and challenging each other will be on point because that means that we'll be the best.

B: Last year we kind of saw you do a number of things on the practice field with a bit of emphasis on catching the ball out of the back field. Describe your role and how you fit into the offense?

KC: My role right now is kind of undecided. I'm not really sure where I'm at so I'm just working hard in every aspect. I'm trying to get better in everything that I can do; blocking, running and receiving. So I don't really have a role right now, that's what we're competing for this spring. But I am working hard towards that starting spot so only God knows.

B: Have the coaches been working you out at any other positions?

KC: No, just running back and there is an H-Back as well that does receiving more so I've just been doing both of those.

B: What do you feel most comfortable with?

KC: Man, I'm down for whatever. I feel like I can do it all. I really don't care. I just want to see the field. Put me in there and I'm in. I'm going to make plays. That's all I do.

B: How much contribution are you looking to have this year?

KC: As much as possible. I'm going to leave that to the coaches. Whatever they trust me with I'm going to keep pursuing that and it will encourage me to keep doing more and getting better and better. If they were to trust me in a certain spot, I wouldn't want to let them down. But it's just a blessing, it's an achievement and a dream for me to play here at SMU, and I just want to bring the 80's back! You know what I'm saying? I'm trying to bring the 70's and 80's back.

B: I mostly definitely understand your intentions. Compared to your first year here, how are you feeling physically?

KC: Man, I feel bigger, stronger, and faster. Coach Mel has all of us on point with the training program, and I just feel good. I feel like I've gotten a lot better. I go back home and everybody's all shocked saying ‘man how'd you get so big?' Coach Mel just keeps pushing us, and it gets us on point.

B: What are your specific goals for this spring?

KC: My specific goal is to master the offense. I'm getting pretty good at this offense right now, and I feel confident. I also want a for sure starting spot. I want that starting spot and I want the coaches to trust me with that starting spot. I also just want to influence my teammates and get them better too because I'm not getting better if teammates aren't getting better so as a leader I really want to encourage and influence my teammates around me to keep pushing themselves so we can just compete and keep getting better.

Quick Hits:

• Both the offense and defense were in pads today.

• Still split up with the offense being in Ford and the defense being on the practice field.

• The defense worked on gap assignments for a good portion before the corners split off from the front seven. Minimal contact overall.

• I noticed that CB Horace Richardson does not look like he is as far along in the recovery process as teammate J.R. Richardson, which would make sense because Horace got injured weeks later. Horace looked a little gimpy and it was hard for me to tell if it was the knee brace bothering him or if he is still being nagged by his ACL.

• Acker didn't practice at all today. He said his stomach wasn't feeling right but a source close to the team mentioned to me that it was a hernia.

Darius Joseph looked very good in practice today. Made some really nice catches and ran routes with good speed and quickness.

• Recruit Chase Wood from Plano West visited practice this morning.

• Robert Seals and Elie Nabushosi ran sprints after practice. Elie was a dead man, but Robert looked like he was in great shape. I thought he had pretty good speed for his size, but he was leaving Elie in the dust every time.

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