Pony Stampede Spring Practice Report: Day 6

Pony Stampede will be at every SMU spring practice over the next month. Come inside for a recap of Day 6!

VIDEO: SMU Wide Receivers Coach Jason Phillips

Q&A with SMU WR Nate Halverson

EJ: How have your first spring practices at SMU been going so far?

NH: It's going good so far. We're trying to pick up the tempo on offense so it's a lot of fast paced and a lot of route running. But so far so good. I'm just trying to learn this offense.

EJ: What's the biggest difference you've noticed so far between high school football and college football?

NH: I would say definitely the speed and knowing the technical aspect of it. A lot of different things can happen with one play. You have to know what you're doing. You have to read people a lot more and just the whole tempo is different."

EJ: Off the field, how are you getting adjusted to college life at SMU and living in Dallas?

NH: I think I'm doing pretty well for coming in midyear. I mean, I was just in high school and bam, now I'm in college. But I feel I'm doing pretty well. There is a lot more school work, but the eight hours of study hall definitely help out a lot. I feel like it's going good so far.

EJ: Right now, you could still be in high school finishing up your last semester. But instead you decided to graduate early and come to SMU. Why did you feel that would be beneficial for you?

NH: The fact of having close to 45 practices before the season begins is really going to help me. The more I practice, the better I get. Knowing the offense especially. I'm not going to come in like I have been doing at the beginning of practices, feeling lost so the more I know it now, the better chance I have of getting on the field this year.

EJ: As you mentioned, you are now on the offensive side of the ball after starting the spring off on defense. How did the move happen?

NH: Coach (June) Jones saw my film from last year, and it was just all receiver so he was like I want him at receiver so I talked to him about it, and he told me I have a better chance of getting on the field this year at receiver than on defense so I was like alright let's make the switch.

EJ: How comfortable are you at receiver and would you rather be playing there than on the defensive side of the ball?

NH: I pretty comfortable. But like I said, it's the technical aspect. It's just the little fundamentals I have to learn. I played receiver all of last year so I like it. But naaa (laughing), I would rather be on defense. But whatever is going to get me on the field faster, that's where I want to be at.

EJ: Like you said, the move to receiver gives you a better shot for early playing time so do you feel you'll be ready to compete for a spot once fall camp rolls around?

NH: I definitely do especially now that we're picking up the tempo on offense. You have to rotate receivers so even if I'm not a one if I'm a two, I know I'm going to get some playing time. On defense, we don't really rotate corners so I definitely think I can get there at receiver.

EJ: I know you've known Kenneth Acker for a while now. How has he been helping you get acclimated to everything?

NH: Yes, I've known him since I was little so if I have a question I can always go to him. Anything I pretty much need, I can go to Kenneth for. If he's available to help me out then he'll help me out. He always gives me little pointers like look out for this and watch out for that.

EJ: What are your goals for the rest of this spring?

NH: My goals are to just get to the two spot on the depth chart and keep learning this offense and keep learning the technical aspects of it and get on the field.

Quick Hits

- Both offense and defense practiced in the stadium today due to weather conditions

- Traylon Shead looked really smooth running the ball today and looked pretty darn fast

- Kenneth Acker did not practice for the second straight day. Jonathan Yenga also did not practice.

- Garrett Gilbert threw some nice passes especially on corner routes. Two beautiful balls were thrown in perfect spots for Ryan Walker and Daijuan Stewart.

- Ronnell Sims showed good bursts of speed when catching swing passes out of the backfield

- Keenan Holman did not drop any passes today up until the very last play when a screen pass from Gilbert hit him right in the hands

- One player that really opened some eyes was Kyle Guinyard. He looked quick and ran great routes. His college career has been marred by injuries. But remember this guy was a stud at Ennis before he tore his ACL as senior.

- After talking to Nate Halverson, it appears the move to offense will be permanent

- Shakiel Randolph dropped an easy interception and was struggling with hip movement

- On the other hand, Hayden Greenbauer made a nice leaping interception, which he took back for six

- Richardson RB Kendrick Igbinoba and Frisco Wakeland OLB Noah Westerfield attended practice

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