Pony Stampede Spring Practice Report: Day 7

Pony Stampede will be at every SMU spring practice over the next month. Come inside for a recap of Day 7!

VIDEO: Defensive Coordinator Tom Mason

Q&A with OLB Stephon Sanders

Omar: How has spring practice been so far, Stephon?

Stephon: Its going good. I still think I can keep getting better, but that's how I always feel.

Omar: What do you think about the possibility of Robert Seals being the linebacker opposite you in this defense?

Stephon: Oh yeah, were going to cause some havoc. He's got a lot of potential and we are in the same graduating class, so he came in with me. I already know what he is capable of, and he is a player too. I think we're going to be all right.

Omar: What do the linebackers as a group need to do to replace guys like Taylor Reed and Ja'Gared Davis?

Stephon: Well, I mean, we don't replace, we just reload. The defense stays the same and the guys we got can step up to the plate. I'm sure of that, its not going to be any different. I don't expect any slack off this year.

Omar: What kind of influence does Coach Mason have on the team?

Stephon: He's a great influence because he cares about his players on and off the field. And I mean that's what some of us need too. It's just more of a motivation to do better on the field.

Omar: What do you think is the biggest strength you bring to this defense?

Stephon: Experience because now I'm part of the upper class crew, so I got to help the rest of them. I got to use my experience to my advantage to gain an edge.

Omar: Finally, what is your goal for this season?

Stephon: Conference champs! That's it.

Practice Notes:

• The offense and defense both practiced in the stadium with pads on.

• There were a lot of recruits at practice, including Tyrique Edwards, Hunter Swain and Marcus Hubbard from Sachse and Chris Adkins from Coppell

Myles Crosby was also in attendance.

• Team did 1-on-1's, 3-on-3's, and played 7-on-7. Also, the whole team worked on stripping the ball.

• Garret Gilbert looked really sharp all morning especially on deep routes, with the exception of one interception to J.R. Richardson.

Keenan Holman followed up a bad drop with a terrific diving catch

Jeremy Johnson has a knack for getting open and appears to be who Gilbert trusts the most

Ajee Montes was terrific all of practice and seems like a real playmaker

Kevin Pope and Randall Joyner combined for a big hit that caused Prescott Line to fumble

• They were a lot of fumbles in general today because of the cold and rainy weather. The defense was also very aggressively looking to cause turnovers

Horace Richardson left practice with an apparent left knee injury and Ronnell Sims also got injured towards the end.

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