Pony Stampede Spring Practice Report: Day 8

Pony Stampede will be at every SMU spring practice over the next month. Come inside for a recap of Day 8!

VIDEO: Defensive Backs Coach Derrick Odum

Q&A With DE Zach Wood

RP: How has spring ball gone so far?

ZW: "Spring is going real good, getting better and better every day, the whole defense is getting better each day which is good."

RP: Since the bowl game, what have you been working on to improve and get ready for the upcoming season?

ZW: "Mostly strength and speed because those are the key parts I was lacking last year. Also experience, trying to get the defensive schemes down."

RP: How has Margus Hunt's departure affected the defensive line?

ZW: "It was good to watch Margus because he does a lot of things right, so I would see what he does well and tried to mock it, and through that setting an example for the whole defensive line."

RP: What are the team goals as you head into the new conference?

ZW: "Taking it one game at a time, not getting ahead of ourselves, ad just play as a team and take it from there."

RP: As an individual, what do you want to accomplish this year?

ZW: "I got to step it up, cant be how I was last year, and I know I have to be better, and same thing with the whole defense, everyone's got to step up."

Quick Hits

-Both the offense and defense practiced on the practice field due to the renovations ongoing in Ford Stadium.

-Margus Hunt and Taylor Reed were both in attendance today, primarily watching the defense.

-Kenneth Acker did not practice and could be seen stretching his left hamstring.

- Despite a windy morning, Garrett Gilbert threw especially well against it.

-All the receivers were excellent, as not a single ball was dropped during 7-on-7's.

-Randall Joyner was extremely vocal, and seems to have taken a leadership role on the defensive side of the ball.

-Traylon Shead looked outstanding, as he exploded through holes and made defenders miss him constantly.

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