SMU Still A Favorite To Land Enwere

FB Austin running back Vic Enwere recently picked up multiple BCS offers, but SMU remains at the top of his list. Find out why inside!

2014 FB Austin (TX) three-star running back Vic Enwere has been a busy man. Last weekend, he competed in the Nike Football Training Camp, visited TCU and found time to talk with his SMU recruiting coach Wes Suan.

"We just talked a little bit about our quarterback and his performance at the Elite 11 and just keeping our relationship going," Enwere said.

Enwere's conversation touched on Suan's plans for the spring, which include a trip to his high school, but the two also talked about when Enwere will be coming back up to the Hilltop.

"I've been up there before. I don't know when I'll get up there next, but I may come up there in the summer," Enwere said.

The main point in the conversation was about Enwere's quarterback, Sean Aboderin, who has flown under the radar and is still looking for an SMU offer. The talented signal caller is undersized, but Enwere says that does not matter to him.

"I know how good he is. A lot of people do," Enwere said. "With him not being a 6-foot-6 guy, at times he gets overlooked, but when he gets out there and uses his ability you can't ignore his performance and you can't ignore numbers."

The pair's relationship has grown since their sophomore season together on varsity and now the two push each other and continue to try and make their team the best it can be.

"We spent a lot of time next to each other learning from the guys above us," he said. "We built a good relationship and tried bringing our team together and turning it around.

Aboderin is also a tremendous student and Enwere says it's their competitive nature that pushes them both on the field and off the field to be their best.

"He taught me a lot and I've taught him. We're both competitors," Enwere said. "We compete on the field, we compete against other teams and we compete in the classroom. He's a really good guy and a great leader. He's passionate about the game and a student of the game."

As noted, Enwere's trip to the DFW area included a trip to the Nike Football Training Camp and even coming off a pinched nerve in his neck, Enwere excelled in the camp.

"I went out there and worked hard. I pushed the other guys and was able to test my ability to lead other people that have never met me before," he said. "To get them to follow me and get to the next level. I worked on that a lot,"

Even coming off the injury, Enwere was able to show why he is one of the top backs in Texas for the Class of 2014.

"I was crisp and clean. I got out there to show my versatility even with my size I got to show that. A lot of colleges don't know that so I'm glad I got a chance to show that out there," the 6-foot-1, 215-pound back said.

Enwere's solid performance over the weekend has other schools taking notice too. Wake Forest, Michigan State and North Texas have all recently extended offers.

"It's good because they're all really great coaches. Wake Forest is a really good educational school, Michigan State loves to run the football and North Texas is not too far from home and a great program," Enwere said.

Even with the new offers, SMU remains one of the top schools due to the early offer and his strong relationship with Suan.

"SMU was the first school to offer me. Even though Coach Suan isn't coaching running backs anymore, we've built a good relationship," he said. "It being one of the earliest to offer, it puts them ahead of a lot of people."

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