Pony Stampede Spring Practice Report: Day 10

Pony Stampede will be at every SMU spring practice over the next month. Come inside for a recap of Day 10!

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Q&A with safety Jay Scott

Omar: How has spring practice been so far?

JS: It's pretty good. It just feels good to be back on the field with the defense.

Omar: What's the biggest difference between spring practices and fall practices?

JS: It just seems like longer hours cause we got school right now. So there is football but then you got to concentrate on school, too. In the fall, it's just all football.

Omar: You had a pretty good year last year but what have you done to get better since last season ended?

JS: Just finishing plays. I was in the right position on some plays and just got beat sometimes, but now I'm working on finishing where there is an interception or anything.

Omar: Do you approach things differently this season because you're a senior?

JS: Not really. I mean, obviously I've taken on more of a leadership role and setting an example. Just doing all I can to make the team better.

Omar: What's it like to play with Hayden Greenbauer and Shakiel Randolph?

JS: They are both doing pretty good. They are both learning the defense and know the defense, so now its just about making plays.

Omar: The secondary is a relatively young group this year, so how does your experience help the rest of the guys?

JS: I just make sure and keep them in the film room and make sure everyone knows what they're doing. If we're all on the same page, that will put us in the best position to succeed.

Omar: What do you think is the biggest strength you bring to this defense?

JS: I have a great knowledge of the game. I've been here, I'm a fifth year senior, so I know what everyone should be doing. If I communicate with everybody and everybody is on the same page then we should be pretty good.

Omar: What about your goal for this season?

JS: Win games, man. Just win games and take it one at a time.

Omar: Like you said, you've spent five years with this program, so what kind of legacy do you want to be leave at SMU?

JS: I just want to be remembered as a good player and a good person. A person that makes plays and a fun guy.

Quick Hits:

• The offense and defense both practiced in Ford Stadium with pads on

• The whole team worked on tackling for 30 minutes, including the quarterbacks. The team also did 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 today

• Hal Mumme ran the quarterbacks through a drill where they tried to throw the ball into a trashcan in the corner of the end zone from about 15 yards out

• Der'rikk Thompson and Kennan Holman both made some great catches and had terrific practices

Traylon Shead had a play where he made three defenders miss running the down the sideline and scored from 40 yards out

Neal Burcham completed multiple deep fly routes over the defense, including a pretty one to Anthony Buffini

Chris Parks was inconsistent. He got burned a couple times but made two interceptions

Rishaad Wimbley continued to practice at linebacker

A.J. Justice had a huge hit on Luke Seeker

Brian Cramer looks much bigger than last year

Seaver Myers injured his left ankle and ended practice with it on ice

Ronnell Sims, Arrius Holleman, Ajee Montes, J.R. Richardson and Horace Richardson all did not practice due to injuries. However, Horace was working out his left knee on the sideline

• DB Cameron Crawford from Houston Memorial was visiting and attending practice

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