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New York Big Man Holds SMU Offer

By Omar Majzoub

Larry Brown offered 2014 center Adonis Delarosa last month. Delarosa, a junior at Christ The King (NY) remains one of the most intriguing big men in the class and was excited when he found out about the scholarship.

He has interest from plenty of schools and also holds offers from Georgetown, Drexel, Providence and Hofstra. Delarosa, who has his high school coach take of his recruitment, says a visit to SMU is in the works.

"My high school coach talks to the SMU coaches a lot because he is the one who mostly handles that stuff," Delarosa said. "I might have something planned here pretty soon."

The 6-foot-10, 250-pounder is being very patient with the process of picking schools and says it's too early to call anyone a favorite at this point. Delarosa plans on enjoying his last year in high school and the recruiting process, then making a final decision.

"I mean, I'm open to everybody," he said. "I don't have anything going at this point."

Delarosa is proud of his team's Federation championship this season and hopes to repeat, even with the loss of three key seniors. Delarosa will be looked at to be much more of a leader and should develop his game nicely.

Mel Kiper Jr. On Margus Hunt

By Billy Embody

I was able to sneak in a question about Margus Hunt during an ESPN teleconference this week:

BE: You have Margus Hunt at 31 to San Francisco. I've watched him the last four years here, and I think he's a little raw. Are teams just enamored with his size, strength and athletic ability?

MK: Yeah, that's what it's doing. You're talking late first round, early second round for Margus Hunt. He's got tremendous physicality and potential. He's a great athlete, has the right attitude.

Yeah, he's raw. I think the ball location skills, you question him when you watch him. Obviously he needs to improve his technique. You think about where Margus Hunt can be in two or three years with pro coaching, that's what you're drafting him on, where he can be two or three years from now, not where he is as a rookie.

He's going to be raw coming into the league. He's inexperienced. You see that when you watch him. I talked about that during the year. That's why he flashes. He's not consistent. He doesn't have the right technique. He's not instinctive as the defensive lineman. I think all those things are concerns.

Physically he's a top 10 pick, but he's going to be a late one, early to mid two because of the fact there is a bit of a roll of the dice whether it will all come together for him as the pro level.

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Limon Holds High Interest In SMU

By Omar Majzoub

2014 offensive lineman Bobby Limon has not picked up any offers yet, but he remains very interested in SMU.

"I loved the school when I went up there for junior day and the coaches are amazing," he said. "They are really all about academics, and I love that. The class sizes are small, so that's also amazing."

Limon, a 6-foot-2, 305-pound interior offensive lineman from Lehman (TX), has impressed schools with his work ethic and attitude. He joins a long list of offensive lineman SMU has interest in that attended junior day.

Limon is coming to Dallas the next two Sundays for the National Underclassmen Camp and VTO Sports Camp and says his dad has talked to him about maybe going up on a Saturday and visiting the Hilltop.

Other schools interested in him include Texas, Texas State, Oregon and Missouri. In the mean time, Limon has utilized this offseason to get quicker and stronger with workouts before and after school.

"Today I reaped out 335 on the bench three times and 480 on squat three times," he said. "I've also started running to get faster cause I know they are on that about me."

Limon sounds like SMU is one of his favorite schools, so stay tuned for more on him.

Q&A With SMU OLB Jarvis Pruitt

By Beionny Mickles

B:Talk about playing behind guys like Ja'Gared Davis, Taylor Reed and Randall Joyner. How much have you learned from them?

JP: Those are some really great guys and I know I have to wait my turn to get in but it's a great learning experience. You learn what not to do and what to do. You also learn their habits. So the bad habits that they had you learn not to pick up on those habits. It could be at a critical point in the game and they do something wrong just playing their game, and you learn not to make those mistakes just by watching them. You learn how to do it the right way.

B: How comfortable are you in Coach Mason's defense compared to when you first got here?

JP: From when I first got here I'd say I'm 100% more comfortable because when I first got here I had never played a down of linebacker ever. So when I got here everything was kind of new to me but as time went on I learned everything.

B: What are your expectations for this upcoming year?

JP: Play a lot of snaps. Play a lot of snaps and win a lot of games.

B: Tell me a little bit about rooming with a guy like Randall Joyner as a freshman. What was that like?

JP: Oh… Rambo. I first met him through rooming with him at the Radisson and with him it's kind of like… Rambo will talk to you. And he will keep talking to you and keep talking to you (laughs).

B: Well it seems that Joyner's pass coverage ability has rubbed off on you because you had a nice interception on Garret Gilbert in practice this week. Talk a little bit about that.

JP: I just read the play and I read the quarterback's eyes and I jumped for it and it fell in my hands.

B: What are your goals and focuses for this spring?

JP: To learn the defense more and get more into detail with it. Also to stop thinking about things and playing more comfortably.

Webb Hoping For SMU Offer

By EJ Holland

Lance Cottrell isn't the only Plano West defensive lineman getting recruited by SMU. Josh Webb, who starts, at defensive tackle, was at SMU junior day a few months ago and really enjoyed his time on the Hilltop.

"I liked the facilities at SMU. Everything seemed up to date. I feel like it would be a good fit for me, but that's up to them to decide," he said. "I think I would be a good fit on their defense because of the way they attack. I just like everything about SMU."

While there, Webb was able to converse with SMU defensive coordinator Tom Mason, who has been keeping tabs on the 6-foot-3, 240-pounder.

"Coach Mason has been recruiting me, and I really like him," Webb said. "He seems like he's interested in me. I talk to him on a monthly basis, and he should be up here to watch us in the spring."

Webb, who has also been receiving interest from Baylor, Rice and Tulsa, hopes he can impress Mason and pick up an offer. For now, he's working on bulking up and participating in various camps including the Nike Football Training Camp this past weekend.

"I really liked how I did at the camp. I liked the way everybody competed," he said. "I worked a lot on my pass rush, and I thought I did really well when it came to the hand fighting drills."

LB Says SMU Lost Interest

By Beionny Mickles

2014 linebacker Bryan Hudson is no longer feeling the love.

After going several months without being contacted by SMU, the Sachse (TX) prospect say he believes the Mustangs have put him on the back-burner.

"They aren't really that interested in me anymore, not like they used to be," Hudson said.

Hudson attended SMU junior day in February and says that for a period of time he would have regular conversations with his recruiter, SMU defensive coordinator Tom Mason.

However, in the following months, Hudson says that the communication between him and SMU gradually faded away.

But Mason did extend an invitation to attend one of SMU's football camps in June, which he plans to be present at. Hudson says that at the camp he looks forward to engaging the coaches to better understand their interest in him.

Hudson has gained interest from UTEP and Central Arkansas but holds no offers at this point in time.

This offseason Hudson has been invited to three different football camps not including the one at SMU. So far he has attended the 5-Star camp, the Step-It-Up Camp and this weekend he will be attending the Team-USA camp.

Aside from his second visit to SMU, Hudson says that he will also be visiting the Midwestern State spring game.

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