FREE: Keith Frazier Signs With SMU

Dallas Kimball shooting guard Keith Frazier has signed his LOI and is officially an SMU Mustang. Come inside for more!

Keith Frazier didn't want it to be a big scene. He didn't want a lot of media or fans there. He didn't even want his whole team there. On one of the most important days of his life, the five-star shooting guard just wanted to be with the people who had been with him from the beginning.

So at around 1:30 p.m., in a small room at Kimball High School, Frazier officially signed his letter of intent and scholarship to play basketball at SMU.

"Most kids don't have my opportunity, so I really appreciate the situation that I'm in today," he said. "I appreciate everybody for coming and I'm excited to be an SMU Mustang."

Family, friends, and coaches all wore SMU colors and gear as Kimball coach Snoop Johnson opened the event by talking about how honored he is to have coached Frazier. Johnson discussed the meaning and importance of being named a McDonalds All-American and said that Frazier will always be successful as long as he is comfortable.

"The one thing he stuck to about why he liked SMU was his relationship with the head coach and the coaching staff," explained Johnson. "The basketball will take care of itself, but he knew he need to have the right people around him."

Frazier, wearing a red SMU polo shirt and holding his son, was nervous and humbled but also really excited to start his career at the Hilltop. He was pleasantly surprised to hear that the programs' recruiting class was ranked 14th best in the country and said he has already starting working with some of the SMU players. Frazier believes he will fit right in with them easily.

"We got good pieces coming in and coming back. I have already been playing with Nic Moore, Markus Kennedy and Crandall Head," he said. "We're going to be tough next year, that's all I can say."

Before officially signing, Frazier sat in silence as select members of his team and family stood up one by one and said a few words.

His mother and sister talked about how proud they are of him, his coaches talked about how special Frazier is on and off the court and his teammates talked about how much of an honor it was to play with him. They all reminded Frazier to stay humble, keep praying, and embrace the moment.

His AAU coach Erven ‘Big E' Davis has been Frazier's biggest help and support throughout the process. Davis has always been a fan of the SMU program but now feels even better about sending his players there.

"I got Jalen Jones that went there and had a good career so far and London Giles, too," said Big E. " I already liked SMU, but Larry Brown was the icing on top."

After being recruited since freshman year of high school, Frazier was relieved to be done with the whole process. He's heard a little bit about the renovations going on at Moody Coliseum, but says the interactions with the players and coaching staff played the biggest part in his decision.

"I'm excited to be coached by a Hall of Famer like Coach Brown," he said. "I'm going to have a good mindset, work hard, be very coachable, and be the best player I can be."

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