Pottsboro Duo Enjoy SMU Visit

2013 SMU signee Justin Lawler and 2014 target Charlie Bray were both on the Hilltop to watch SMU's spring game. Get their thoughts inside!

Q&A With 2013 Pottsboro DE Justin Lawler

BM: You made it out here this morning so tell me what you thought about the final practice of the spring.

JL: I love the atmosphere around here. There are fans everywhere being supportive and everything and I can't wait to get down here.

BM: You got a chance to see this defense you'll soon be apart of. Talk a little bit about that.

JL: I was excited about how they just fly around to the ball. They never take a play off and they have a good attitude about everything. It's going to be a good fit for me because I think that's the way that I play.

BM: What do you think about Coach Hill, Mason and the rest of the coaching staff on defense?

JL: I love them. They're all good guys, willing to talk to you and everything. They definitely know what they're doing on the football field. They're good coaches. They tell you what to do they don't really scream at you. They're more of the teaching type which I really like so it'll be good.

BM: Plans for the offseason?

JL: Just gain as much size as I can, keep my quickness, and work on the little things as well as the things that are going to help me when I get here in the summer.

Q&A With 2014 Pottsboro OL Charlie Bray

BM: Charlie, you came out to the last spring practice today so talk a little bit about your time on campus.

CB: It was a lot of fun to come out here and watch everybody work out. We run the same offense so we can relate to it, learn and be on the same page with everybody at the same time.

BM: It's funny that you say that because SMU's offense seems to be evolving a little bit. How do you think you can fit in to this faster paced scheme?

CB: I think it's good to have something new for the competition, and it's good to work out with other types of set-ups and so forth so it will be a lot of fun. They'll get it down and work on it and I'm sure it will be a success for the team.

BM: So you're coming out in 2014. How's the recruiting process going so far and do you have any favorites right now?

CB: SMU MAN! Haha. I have a few schools. I like OU and I like Duke, but SMU is definitely a good place to be. It's a lot of fun to be here and I like everybody here and all the coaches.

BM: How does it feel to come out here with one of your teammates who will actually be coming here next year?

CB: It's a lot of fun. I've played football with him for a long time so I know him and it makes me feel better about being here and it makes me feel like I know everybody else.

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