2015 Dual-Threat QB Reviews SMU Visit

2015 RR Stony Point quarterback Damian Lindley recently visited SMU. How did it go? Come inside to find out!

The SMU coaching staff seems to targeting dual-threat quarterbacks that can come in and add a new element to the Run N' Shoot offense. 2015 RR Stony Point signal caller Damian Lindley seems to fit that mold.

"I visited SMU for the spring game, I think it's a good school," he said. "The campus was really nice and the practices were just like what I'm used to."

The 6-foot-1, 185-pounder thinks playing in June Jones' offense would be good for him because of his arm strength and speed.

"I think I would fit in pretty well at SMU because I can throw the ball all over the field," he explained. "My biggest strength is my ability to make plays. I have talked to a few people from my high school that went to SMU. They said it's a nice campus and good school to go get my education."

Lindley and his parents are planning on taking another visit to the Hilltop soon and says they will be calling Eric Daniels about it this week.

"Coach Daniels is the one I have been talking to the most," Lindley said. "I think we have a pretty good relationship, I have talked to him once or twice already."

So far, the only other school recruiting him is North Texas, but Lindley is focused on spring practices and preparing for next season. His goal is a playoff appearance.

"I think we are really coming together as a team this spring," he said. "As an offensive unit, I think we are starting to click and will be better than we were last year."

Lindley is a terrific athlete, but needs to work on his mechanics and strength. At this point, teams are recruiting him for his potential but by 2015, he might be one of the best quarterback recruits in Texas. His brother, P.L. Lindley, plays linebacker at Oklahoma.

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